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Friday, January 11, 2019

Seafarer Visa Re-issuance Program (SeaVRP) U.S. C1/D Visa Guide and Information

A crew member serving onboard a sea vessel or aircraft in the United States needs a crew visa. Crew members of an aircraft or ship that will be transiting through the United States or its waters generally use a combination transit/crew visa (C-1/D).  Crew members who work aboard vessels within the Outer Continental Shelf, may qualify for a modified B-1 visa in lieu of a crew visa.

Manning agencies that lawfully operate within the Philippines can apply to join the Manning Agency Accreditation Program (MAAP) at U.S. Embassy Manila to facilitate the visa application of their seafarers.

Beginning August 14, 2017, the new timeslot for SeaVRP12 applicants is now 12:00pm.  The previous timeslot of 1:30pm will no longer be available.

All manning agencies must submit the electronic application (DS-160) form for applicants not later than five calendar days before the appointment date.

Manning agencies must cancel an appointment not later than 5 calendar days before the scheduled appointment date.

Please consult the U.S. Embassy holiday calendar to identify which days the office will close for business <>.

In addition, it is important to comply with embassy appointment cancellation policy. Manning agencies must cancel an appointment not later than 5 calendar days before the scheduled appointment date.  Upon failure to cancel an appointment as required by our policy resulting in a no-show, the MRV fee receipt will be locked for 5 calendar days.

Sample US C1/D Visa for Seafarers

Applicants who do not comply with these requirements will not be admitted to the interview.  They will be required to schedule a new appointment fully consistent with our policies .

1. My seafarer’s visa was issued in March 2007 and expired in March 2012. Is he/she qualified for SeaVRP?

No. Starting Monday January 30th, SeaVRP48 appointments are no longer available.   Applicants with U.S. visas that have expired more than 12 months ago now require an in-person interview. An official notification was sent to all accredited seafaring agencies regarding this matter.

2. Why are appointment wait times so long?

We currently have a high demand for all types of U.S. visas.  When a cancellation of appointment is done in a timely manner, it opens an appointment slot and it will be made available to those who needs it.  Please check our appointment calendar regularly to see if new slots have opened up. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

3. I am having technical problems with the appointment system. What should I do?

For applicant’s incorrect information entry on appointment booking, MRV fee receipt, appointment schedule or any other technical errors, please send an email to or call our call center at (+63)2-792-8988 or 548-8223.  If calling from U.S. mainland: 703-520-2235

4. My seafarer’s visa was approved, but we have not yet received it. How can I check the status of his/her visa?

We receive a large number of inquiries regarding the status of individual seafarers on a daily basis. For inquiries on approved visas, please contact 2GO courier. If your seafarer was approved but has not received his/her passport after 14 days, you may email us at .

5. My seafarer’s visa is in 221g (administrative processing) status. How can I check the status of his/her visa?

Applicants whose visas were refused under 221g (administrative processing) can now check the status of their application online. Please click this link,

If your seafarer’s control number is not posted, you may email us at , 30 days after their interview.

6. My seafarer needs to join his/her ship immediately. Can he/she get an expedited appointment?

Unfortunately, no. Due to high demand for visa appointments, the U.S. embassy cannot expedite appointments for seafarers. Please book appointments as far in advance as possible to avoid delays.

7. My seafarer has already been approved and needs to join his/her ship immediately. Can the processing of his/her passport be expedited?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the high volume of visas processed on a daily basis, the U.S. embassy cannot expedite the processing or release of passports. Please book appointments as far in advance as possible to avoid delays.

8. Where can I find information about Manning Agency accreditation and renewal?

9. What are the appointment time slots for seafarers?

o       1:00pm – first time seafarers/visa expired more than 12 months (C1/D), B1 (OCS) and B1 Yacht
o       1:15pm – first time seafarers/visa expired more than 12 months (C1/D), B1 (OCS) and B1 Yacht
o       12:00pm – SeaVRP12 qualified applicants only
o       7:20 am every Wednesday – Seafarers for Non-Accredited Manning

10. If I select the wrong time slot, can my seafarer still be granted an interview?

No. It is the responsibility of the manning agency to select the correct time slot for its seafarers. Only seafarers qualified for their time slots will be accommodated. Seafarers who are not qualified for their time slots will be asked to rebook their appointments.

11. Can my seafarer get C1/D and B1 (OCS) interviews at the same time?

Yes. Please visit the online appointment website at 
Or for assistance, please contact the US Embassy call center at (02) 976-8500 to 02 (open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)

12. What are the qualifications for the Seafarer Visa Reissuance Program (SeaVRP)?

The Seafarer Visa Reissuance Program  (SeaVRP) program is intended to alleviate the burden of interview for seafarers who are qualified. 

Please find the  Seafarer Visa Reissuance Program (SeaVRP) requirements in this link,

NOTE: The purpose of this post is for immediate information only for crew change or replacement of Filipino crew / seaman that needs to apply for Seafarer Visa Re-issuance Program (SeaVRP) U.S. C1/D Visa. This is also for guidance of crewing officers, crewing manager & crew operation staff, especially for ship manning agent in the Philippines.

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