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Thursday, March 14, 2019

How to Conserve Water - Beat El Niño, SAVE WATER the Pinoy Way [Survive Water Crisis] - Infographic Video

Beat El Niño the Pinoy way. Here's infographic video on how to save and conserve water especially now that summer is on and water crisis is expected in city areas like Metro Manila especially higher areas like Mandaluyong.


 How to Conserve Water 

1. Turn the faucet off firmly to prevent leakage. 
2. Use a water dipper (Tabo) and pail (timba) instead of the shower whie taking a bath. 
3. Instead of running water, use a glass of water while brushing your teeth. 
4. Buy new water efficient toilet bowls that consume only 2.6 - 4 liters of water for every flush. Old models use up to 14 liters of water per flush. 
5. Discard leftover food before washing dishes. As much as possible, use a basin (palanggana) to save water as well as dishwashing soap. 6. Wash all your clothes at once. Don't allow the water in your wash basin (batya) to overflow. 
7. Reuse water from your laundry to flush your toilet, clean your car, or water your garden plants. 8. Instead of a water hose, use only a pail and a towel in washing your car. 
9. Water your plants only before sunrise or after sunset to prevent water loss due to vaporization. 
10. Collect rainwater with pails and basins, and store it for future use (e.g. watering the plants, cleaning the house) 
11. In restaurants and hotels, serve water to guests only when they ask for it. Collect leftover drinking water, and use it to water your garden plants. 
12. Switch off the water valve in buildings that are not operational at night. Turn off the gate valve in the evening, and turn it on again the following morning. 
13. Report broken pipelines and illegal water connections to proper authorities. 
14. Share these water saving tips to your family, neighbors, students, and co-workers. 

On this video, you can learn how to: 

a. simple ways to save water or ways to conserve water 
b. fun ways to teach kids on how to save water thru animation 
c. how to save water in daily everyday life 
d. ways to save water at home, office, or business 
e. how to conserve water resources and help the environment 
f. ways to save water with pictures and animation g. engaging way on teaching kids at school or at home on how save water

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