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Hainan Dongfang Huanghuali Cultural Festival and the Opening of Sanyuesan Festival of Li and Miao

Amid the mellowing beauty of Sanyuesan, we express our gratitude to the rosewood. On April 7, the 5th Hainan Dongfang Huanghuali Cultural Festival and the 2019 Traditional "Sanyuesan" Event of the Li and Miao Nationalities in Dongfang jointly organized by Dongfang municipal Party committee and government and Hainan Radio and TV Station (Group) held a grand opening ceremony in Dongfang, presenting many wonderful theme activities.

The Huanghuali craft fair on site set 15 exhibition halls covering an area of more than 1300m2, providing a stage for more than 2000 eye-catching Huanghuali crafts.

The foundation laying ceremony of Hainan Dongfang Huanghuali Cultural Museum and the launching ceremony of "My Rosewood in Dongfang" (plant) adoption activity was also held. The museum covered an area of 20 Chinese acres with a building area of 3000m2, collecting thousands of cultural relics and crafts made of Huanghuali wood. Residents and visitors adopted and planted their own rosewood.

To promote the characteristic tourism resource in Dongfang, nation-wide news media and network celebrities visited Exian Mountain Ridge and other places to publicize the local eco-cultural tourism resource and to reveal the "Beauty in Dongfang".

The original song meeting, the bamboo dance and other characteristic activities on site have attracted thousands of people of the Li and Miao nationalities as well as residents and visitors; what a bustling scene!  

On the very evening, as the grand finale, the themed evening party was ignited by passion. Welcome to Hainan, Cheers My Friend and other brilliant performances played the boundless hospitality of Dongfang. The song and dance Sanyuesan of the Li and Miao Nationalities, Tale of Young Lady E and Gui and other featured programs of the Li and Miao Nationalities presented to the audience their romance and the unique cultural charm. Models from China and foreign countries stunned the audience with the brocade of Li Nationality, showing the progress of Hainan's outstanding traditional culture going global. The evening party has vividly interpreted the city brand of Dongfang as "Promised Land of Gratitude * Home of Rosewood" and expressed the longing of people of all nationalities in Dongfang to unite as one on the road heading for happiness.

Source: Media Outreach. Hainan Dongfang Huanghuali Cultural Festival [DONGFANG, CHINA]


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