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10 Skills Every Backpacker Needs to Know [VIDEO]

There are a few skills every backpacker needs to know, like pitching camp and making fire. But to really get the most out of your trip, you need to learn the intangibles too, like finding solitude and getting on the trail more. Here are 10 Skills Every Backpacker Needs to Know - 

Basics of backpacking, Backpacking and Adventure 101
Stay Dry
Learn how to cope with relentless rain, and you can experience some of the Earth's holiest places—Alaska! Patagonia!—in comfort

Seek Solitude
Want your very own Eden? Here's how to go where—and when—others don't.

See More Wildlife
Get closer to the mystery of life: Put yourself spine-tingling distance from the fanged and clawed and horned.

Camp Well
Who says spiritual travelers must shun earthly comforts? You just worked all day to reach a magnificent high-country cirque. Now create a campsite to match.

Get Out More
Have you ever heard anyone wish he or she spent less time outdoors? We didn't think so.

Never Get a Blister
Your body is a temple? Then your feet are the altar. Treat them right, and enjoy every hike from the first mile to the last.

Make Fire
When disaster strikes in the backcountry, don't pin your hopes on prayer. Your ability to spark a flame could be the difference between survival and six-feet-under.

Hike Farther
For hikers, pushing your limits will certainly yield more views—plus better fitness, confidence, and, perhaps, perspective.

Find Your Way
Join a long line of enlightened travelers who have navigated the wilderness—and discover a whole new world that lies beyond well-marked trails and guided trips.

Go Higher
Once you've been to the mountaintop, few other experiences will compare. For soul-cleansing, skill-building, life-affirming thrills, put a big one on your bucket list.

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