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Mountain Climbing Etiquette: Mountaineering Guide for Beginners [EXPLAINER VIDEO]

Here is your code of ethics to follow on your next adventure - just a reminder. And for all you experts out there -- you should also pay attention because you are the people that others look to for proper outdoor decorum.

I hope this reminder helps to raise awareness and decrease frustrations when we are out enjoying our beautiful mountains together. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section -- etiquette is a big discussion, after all.

Mountain climbing is a lifestyle sport involving hiking and trekking through rugged terrain, camping, climbing over rocks, fallen trees and logs, passing by thick vegetation, crossing rivers, and exploring the great outdoors while having fun in the process. This feat requires a great deal of patience, physical endurance, motivation, and presence of mind. Climbing mountains is truly rewarding: not only does it cultivate environmental awareness, it also develops a person's character by facing and conquering one's fears and ultimately conquering oneself, leaving the mountain climber with a great feeling of achievement.

Follow the mountaineer's creed: 

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but foot prints, kill nothing but time. 
As a mountaineer, it is our job to be stewards of Mother Nature. 

Here are a few important things to remember when climbing mountains: 

1. Do not throw your trash anywhere, instead place it in your trash bag and bring it down the mountain and dispose of it accordingly. 
2. Be considerate of other visitors and mountaineers. 
3. Leave what you find. 
4. If you see something that is beautiful, please, by all means just leave it there and don't bring it home with you. 
5. Follow the "Leave no Trace" principles. 

Climbing mountains is truly rewarding not only does it cultivate environmental awareness, it also develops a person's character Go where you feel most alive . Explore dream discover

Outdoor Etiquette:
These are the "rules" that I've found widely acceptable and that I agree with. I think the most important thing is to remember to be friendly and respectful to your fellow travelers, and always follow Leave No Trace principles and the local land agencies laws.

What does good outdoor etiquette mean to you? 

The years pass by and climbing grows and grows. While lamentable to some, the current explosion in popularity of our sport is, in fact, hugely exciting. We have an opportunity to expand the reach of climbing like never before. We have a chance to share our ethics and history, to teach our future generations to respect and conserve the environments we hold so dear. This is not a burden, but it is a moral responsibility.

As climbing gyms produce more new climbers, and those climbers begin to explore the vast outside world, it is critical they be armed with a solid ethical knowledge base. If you’re an experienced outdoor climber, share this video with a newbie. Or, better yet, use your own knowledge to teach that newbie something valuable.


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