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Solar "PAHIRAP" sa Bayan? Paluan Occ. Mindoro Solar Para sa Bayan Promised Cheap Electricity Rate

This is a video editorial & review of facts on current situation regarding the tariff (rate) increase of Solar Para Sa Bayan project in Paluan Occidental Mindoro and the promised cheap electricity rates as advertised by Solar Para Sa Bayan. This is an ongoing issue and will be updated soonest there are further developments Solar Para Sa Bayan is a Filipino Social Enterprise which aims to serve Filipino communities with cheap, and reliable 24/7 electricity. Video Sources / Credits: Leandro Leviste defends bill granting 25-year franchcise to Solar Para sa Bayan - Solar Para sa Bayan - Solar Para Sa Bayan is a social enterprise on a mission to bring cheap, clean, reliable 24/7 power across the Philippines, by constructing Solar-Battery Minigrids at zero cost to government. This year, over 500,000 Filipinos will benefit from projects in Mindoro, Palawan, Masbate, Batangas, Quezon, Aurora, Cagayan, Isabela, Negros, Misamis, Davao, and other areas that want better service. PRRD signs law granting franchise to 'Solar Para sa Bayan' Solar Philippines | Lighting up Paluan, Mindoro Leandro Leviste Leandro Leviste, 20, Philippines Founder, Solar Philippines Between his second and third years studying politics at Yale, Leviste spotted an opportunity back home. Electricity rates in the Philippines are among the highest in Asia, and Leviste was convinced that solar power could bring them down. He invested his savings to set up Solar Philippines in 2013. “In terms of innovation, solar power is nothing new,” he says, adding that it’s more important to find a business model that works. Solar Philippines buys its panels from different suppliers and then provides its customers with financing, engineering and installation. Solar Para sa Bayan Law AN ACT GRANTING SOLAR PARA SA BAYAN CORPORATION A FRANCHISE TO CONSTRUCT, INSTALL, ESTABLISH, OPERATE, AND MAINTAIN DISTRIBUTED ENERGY RESOURCES AND MICROGRIDS IN THE REMOTE AND UNVIABLE, OR UNSERVED OR UNDERSERVED AREAS IN SELECTED PROVINCES OF THE PHILIPPINES TO IMPROVE ACCESS TO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY _____________


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