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Climate Change | Global Warming | Pollution - Free Video Animation & Motion Graphics | No-Copyright

Animated Videos, Free B-ROLL motion graphics, No-copyright Footage Collection: Climate Change Animation, Global Warming, Environmental Pollution, Ecological Disaster. Care for future generations Free to use video footage or as B-roll and no copyright. Feel free to download all available stock videos and use them in your production. You can download this video and use it in your projects, as video clips on your youtube video or for school projects. You cannot re-upload the whole video. Use it as B-roll or video clips only. You cannot re-upload the whole video on commercial stock footage sites. All videos are under creative common license, it mean you can reuse our footage, but you can not copyright it. Take your time to browse the channel and enjoy watching all the stock footage available to you for free. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 00:03 Hurricanes and tornado destruction dark clouds animation 00:10 Huge hurricane and satellite with animated screen 00:28 heated Globe / Earth animation in global warming concept 00:42 Rotating earth in Crisis animation 00:56 Rotating Earth and car with climate change and global warming sign 01:00 Rotating blue earth in green grass - protect the Earth concept 01:15 Global warming meter animation 01:24 Rotating Earth with falling coins destruction 01:38 Living on Borrowed Time - meter animated video 01:47 Animated TEXT: Climate Change Global warming, storms, impact, sea levels, danger temperature, environment warning, carbon dioxide 01:56 Heating Globe 02:06 Rotating Earth in heavy rain animation 02:22 Global Warming meter animation 02:30 Exploding earth global warming and climate change animation video 02:43 Earth in Trash can - trash and garbage animation 03:11 Tornado animation - destruction 03:49 Rotating Earth filled with garbage & trash - animation 05:13 Stop Global Warming sign - animation 05:22 Geoengineering, Climate Change Global Intervention animated text 05:28 Windmills Clean energy animation 05:46 Temperature rising - problem, emergency, crisis, disaster, meltdown, Global Warming animation 05:57 Newspaper reel Global Warming headline animation - The New York Times 06:06 Rotating Earth on hands - Caring for Earth / Protect the Earth concept animation. 06:25 Livable Planet animation 06:34 Protect the Planet Earth animation | Animated video footage 06:43 Rotating Earth - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle animated concept 06:58 Climate change concept road sign - background, building, carbon, chemical, chimney, city, climate, co2, concept, cracks 07:13 flying over melting ice floe on glacier lake. global warming climate change background. 07:29 Lake bed drying up due to drought on summer. Climate change, drought, water crisis or nature disaster concept 07:38 A hurricane and weather montage. 07:48 Super Violent Tornado Strikes Farm 08:00 Global Warming Concept Background 08:15 Aerial view. Emission to atmosphere from industrial pipes. Smokestack pipes shooted with drone 08:26 Industrial background of factory pipes. Global warming concept 08:32 eye of a large typhoon. hurricane in the ocean. hurricane storm, tornado, satellite view 08:23 Global Warming Background - astrology, astronomy, atmosphere, carbon dioxide, continents, earth, effect, environment, fiction, gas 09:04 Info Graphics About Environment Global Warming 09:13 Group of scientists investigating hurricane as consequence of global warming on earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA 09:29 Time lapse. Smoke Emission From industrial Factory Pipe. 09:38 Industrial background of factory pipes. Global warming concept. Pollution 09:51 Pollution Garbage Scattered Harmful Natural Environment Global Warming 10:00 Full HD footage aerial view burning of rice stubble burning straw. Drone flying backwards and go higher. 10:19 A full year's worth of arctic snow shrinks and expands in 12 seconds. 10:35 Climate Change Trash Dump Plastic Global Warming Planet Earth Home Helpless Garbage Polution Hazards 10:45 Forest Fire Burning Mountainside 10:56 Child in protective mask with the plant sunflower on the background industrial plant. Environmental pollution, ecological disaster. Care for future generations. 11:03 Farm with barnhouse in flooded water. Aerial shot over farmland with objects in water after flood in Slovenia. 11:22 Planet, Space, Earth, Apocalypse, destruction, fire, rock, stars, dead, Solar 11:32 Extinction Ahead Sign Background - Judgement Day sign under an ominous sky. 11:48 Channel Logo - Subscribe to my channel prompt

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