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Sinaing na Tulingan sa Sampalok - Pina-simpleng Pinoy Recipe [Ulam na Madaling Lutuin]

How to Cook Sinaing na Tulingan | Recipe | Tulingan recipe - Try this Sinaing na Tulingan easy recipe - mas pina simple at pinadali. Sometimes, simple foods are more appealing. This video is a simple way how to cook the best Sinaing Na Tulingan - eat like Pinoy! Recipe: Sinaing na Tulingan (slow cooked bullet tuna) Sinaing na tulingan is slow cooked bullet tuna using very simple ingredients resulting in a very flavorful dish (the main ingredient is just fish and brine all the other ingredients are optional). Hi everyone! Ngayon ay magluluto naman tayo ng sinaing na tulingan sa sampalok. Umpisahan natin sa paglilinis ng tulingan. Tatanggalin natin ang hasang at ang buntot nito. Pagtapos ay hihiwaan natin ito ng horizontal line sa magkabilang side sa bandang itaas. Tatlong ingredients lang ang kailangan natin; asin, sampaloc o kamias at syempre ang tulingan. Sinaing na Tulingan Recipe Sinaing na Tulingan is a Filipino Fish Recipe that translates to braised fish. The recipe makes use of bullet tuna. It is a type of saltwater fish locally known in the Philippines as “tulingan”. This dish is famous in the coastal towns of Batangas and Mindoro. Budburan natin ng asin ang tulingan sa magkabilang side nito at lagyan din yung loob kung saan natin hiniwaan. Pagtapos ay ilagay nanatin ang sampaloc sa kawali at ang tulingan. Pag naiayos nanatin ang mga tulingan, lagyan nanatin ng tubig. Lulutuin lang natin ito sa mahinang apoy. Pagtapos ay tanggalin natin ang mga bubbles. Dahan dahan lang natin itong baliktarin para di madurog ang mga tulingan. Tikman muna natin kung tama na ang alat, dito ay nagdagdag pa kami ng kaunting asin. Takpan nanatin ang pan. Baliktarin lang natin ulit to ensure even cooking. Takpan ulit at lutuin lang natin hanggang sa mag dry na ang sabaw. Ayan! Luto na ang ating Sinaing na Tulingan! Napaka sarap nito lalo pag may bagoong! Mapaparami ka talaga sa kanin nito. Approved! Thank you for watching! Like and subsribe! - NOTES: The process in making sinaing na tulingan is really simple. Your attention should be in cleaning the fish. You will need to remove the innards including the gills. Make sure that all the blood is washed off, and the tail is properly removed. I remove the tail of the fish by twisting it in a 360 degree angle and then pull it off gently. You will know if you did it correctly when a portion of the meat is attached to the tail. When the fish is ready, all you will need are bilimbi (kamias) OR sampaloc / sampalok, salt, and water. The fish needs to be salted before cooking. Traditional recipes will ask you to cook the fish in palayok (clay pot). Since I don’t have it, we’ll be using an ordinary cooking pan. There are versions that make use of pork fat. This is not a pork recipe, but adding this ingredient gives the dish more flavor. The bullet tuna or tulingan is traditionally cooked for hours in a clay pot lined with a banana leaf at the bottom until even the bones in the center is so tender (the flesh remains firm). Some variations in cooking this dish includes lining the bottom of the pot with pork fat to prevent direct contact of the fish with the pot bottom, or placing sun-dried kamias or iba (scientific name Averrhoa bilimbi also commonly known simply as bilimbi, cucumber tree or tree sorrel) to provide that sour counterpoint to the dish. The braising liquid is usually reduced into a concentrated salty broth (also called patis but note that this is not the same as fish sauce also called patis which is from a fermentation process) that can be spooned over freshly cooked rice. Leftovers can be fried until crispy or further cooked in coconut milk to add a further twist to an already flavorful dish.

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