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Sweet & Sour Giant Squid Recipe - Easy Menu: Pinoy Ulam: Malaking Pusit - Giant Squid Meat

How to cook sweet & sour giant squid (Paano lutin ang malaking pusit laot o yung mga higanteng pusit sa dagat - swak sa panlasang Pinoy) Sweet & Sour Pusit is a tasty squid dish cooked using the popular Filipino method. Squid is sautéed in pineapple syrup & chunks, in garlic, onions and sugar; this brings in an awesome array of flavors that will surely activate your taste buds. Alternate way of cooking squid aside from calamari (calamares).
Hi everyone! Today, we are going to cook Sweet and Sour Squid. Ang ginamit namin dito ay giant squid, fresh from Mindoro. Pwede rin kayong gumamit ng pusit na nabibili sa palengke, tanggalin niyo lang ang ink nito. Ito ang mga ingredients. Soy sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar, green and red bell pepper, carrots, sugar, garlic and onion, cornstarch para pampalapot, pineppale chuncks at ang syrup nito, at syempre ang squid meat.
Mag umpisa tayo sa paggisa ng sibuyas at bawang./ Pag nag light brown na ang bawang, ilagay na ang carrots./ Lutuin lang ito hanggang lumambot ang carrots. Pagkatapos ay pwede nang ilagay ang pusit. Lutuin lang natin ito ng 2-3 minutes./ mabilis lang maluto ang pusit. Iwasan nating ma-over cooked ito, maaari kasing tumigas ang pusit at mahihirapan tayong nguyain ito. Pagkatapos ay ibuhos ang toyo/ suka at hayaan itong mag simmer. Ilagay ang tomato ketsup at ibuhos na syrup galing sa pineeapple chunks. Ginamit natin dito yung syrup instead of water para mas malasa ang ating sweet and sour squid. Pagkatapos ay ilagay ang sugar at haluin. Ilalagay na rin natin ang black pepper, at ang asin/ yan! Hahaluin lang natin. Para lumapot ang sabaw, lalagyan natin ito ng cornstarch. Lutuin ito sa mahinang apoy. Pagkatapos ay ilagay na ang pineapple chuncks. And finally, pwede na rin nating ilagay ang huling ingredients: ang red and green bell pepper. Takpan ang pan at lutuin lang ng 2 minuto o hanggang sa mag simmer!
Ayan! Luto na ang ating Sweet and Sour Squid. Napaka sarap nito kasi ginamit natin 'yung syrup sa pineapple chuncks! Kung nagustuhan niyo ang video na 'to, don't forget to like, subscribe, and click the notification bellow. Comment down below 'pag meron kayong mga questions. Thank you for watching and see you on our next video! Bye! How do you cook squid without making it rubbery? Although its rubbery reputation is not entirely undeserved, calamari turns tough only when overcooked. The trick to coaxing it to a soft, supple texture is to cook it quickly over high heat or slowly over low, whether sauteing, roasting, stir-frying, grilling, or even deep-frying. Since this is a squid dish, make sure that you don’t cook the squid longer than the indicated time to preserve the tender texture. If in case the texture of the squid becomes rubbery due to over cooking, try cooking it some more. You see – there are two ways to ensure that the squid that you are cooking is tender: you can either cook it for a short time or add more cooking time as you usually do for pork
Giant squid - The giant squid (Architeuthis dux) is a species of deep-ocean dwelling squid in the family Architeuthidae. Giant squid can grow to a tremendous size, offering an example of deep-sea gigantism -

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