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5 Things You Can Do To Shake Up Your Youtube Channel - Youtube Creator August 2020 Newsletter

While you're cozying in, sippin' your whipped coffee, wearing your mask, and keeping a safe distance, you're probably looking for inspo and tips for your channel. From remote collabs, to adopting a furry friend, and digging deep into your analytics, we've got everything you need to keep things fresh and moving forward.
5 things you can do to shake up your channel
The only things getting stuck on your channel should be fans who love you too much to leave! Now's a great time to reassess and change things up so fans come back wanting more. Follow these steps to keep it fresh.
Know your Analytics tools. Notice any patterns? Find out what's working and what isn't.
Quality over quantity. Create a release schedule that works for you and your fans.
Get inspired. Keep your finger on the pulse–watch what other creators are doing, take cues from current events, and stay in tune with pop culture.
Program with purpose. Set goals, build out a content outline, and remember, do what you love.
Test, learn, repeat. If it's working, awesome. If not, try something new!
Pass the baton, it's time to collab from a distance
While COVID-19 has forced us to keep our distance, it has also sparked a whole new wave of collaborations. From James Charles' pass-the-brush relay challenge to Josh Gad's epic live reunion, these not-so-new techniques are being reinvented, keeping us connected and paving ways to reach more fans. Get inspo from more of these collaborations and learn how to start your own.
Read all about it! Pandemic causes surge in cute pet videos 🐶😻
Time at home has been well spent on caring for new cuddly companions. The surge in animal fostering and videos of furry guest stars are having a moment on YouTube. Thousands of the sweetest uploads, with key words like "fostering," "adopting," "kitten," or "puppy," are not only keeping up our spirits, but are also educating millions of viewers and raising thousands of dollars for good causes. This is a purrfect opportunity for you to tap into the trend and experiment with new content. Follow these creators' journeys for all the feels.
New Bedtime Reminder
Having trouble catching your zzz's? A new bedtime reminder (Android & iOS) will pop up mid or end-of-video once you set it up in Settings.
Recap: YouTube Gaming Ask Me Anything
The teams in charge of gaming tools and features like live streaming, Super Chat, and more answered questions live in our Help Community.
If you want to know how to cook burgers as tasty as In-N-Out's, then check out excellent chef and Seattle-based creator, Mathew Broussard's channel. Watch his videos and you'll be cutting onions, preparing the fluffiest pancakes, and cooking authentic Chinese Custard filled doughnuts like a real Michelin Star chef. Check out his channel and get cooking.
Stay inspired!

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