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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Youtube Creator September 2020 Newsletter

Get out of your comfort zone and find ways to change up your content, deepen connections with your audience, and lean into fan support. See how other creators are mixing it up and seeing lasting results — so you can apply these strategies to your own channel. Let's get into it!
See how YOGSCAST doubled their Memberships earnings
YOGSCAST gaming duo, Lewis and Simon, are mates from the UK who love to game. In the last few months, they've turned up Channel Members by going all in on members-only videos and regularly plugging them to fans. Not only have they deepened connections, they've more than doubled their Memberships revenue! 🤯 Take a page from their book, and check out this toolkit to see how you can make it work for you, too!
"Our channel members love bonus videos, so we try and give them fun videos they wouldn't normally see on our channel. It's a place for us to experiment with new ideas but also connect with our audience and get feedback from some of our most devoted viewers. After we started taking memberships seriously, so did our audience and membership revenue has grown in the past few months to a point where we're now really paying attention."
RPM, say what? Let's break it down.
There's a new metric in town. Feast your eyes on your RPM (total earnings per 1000 views), not to be confused with CPM (total amount advertisers pay per 1000 impressions). What's the difference? RPM gives you a full snapshot of all your earnings, from Channel Memberships, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Ads, across all your views. In short, use this to track your revenue performance so you can hone your content, growth, and earning strategies. Take a look at this helpful video to get all the deets.
How your goods can prop you up
It's been a year since India's political and social satirist Akash Banerjee launched Channel Memberships, and his inner circle has grown over time. The pandemic affected his Ads revenue, but he knew he could lean on his fans for support! So, he enabled Super Chat on live streams, solidified perks at tiered Memberships levels, and promoted all of this to his audience. Not only was he able to maintain income, but these features also totaled two-thirds of his channel's earnings! See ways your inner circle can help you hold down the fort.
"We knew that more than subscribers & view counts - it would be a community of paying members that would support us. So that's what we have done - built a small community that supports, critiques and ideates with us."
New YouTube Blog, who dis?
On-brand, sleek, & classy. Aside from looking fresh, the new YouTube Blog's got the latest news, trends, creator stories, & more.
Stories show stats!
See subs gained and total views from the past 14 days in Stories! Just take a peek at the numbers above Stories in the homepage of your mobile app.
Stay inspired!

Yodi Insigne

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