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Why City Parks Matter - Featuring Luneta Park and Paco Park - The Lungs of Metro Manila | Cinematic Video

For World Tourism Day, here is a special video to show the beauty of our national parks - Luneta Park and Paco Park. The metaphor that parks are the lungs of a city has been used for 200 years. Urban parks help fight pollution, encourage biodiversity, and provide spaces for citizens to come together. 

Featuring: Rizal Park, Luneta, Relief Map of the Philippines, The Orchidarium, Binhi ng Kalayaan, Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, San Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza, Centennial House, Kilometer Zero, Urban Garden at Burnham Green, Sentinel of Freedom Valencia Circle, Kanlungan ng Sining, Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal, Gallery of Heroes, First Burial Site of Dr. Jose Rizal, Paco Park, St. Pancrasius Chapel, GOMBURZA Memorial, Rizal Monument.

As the agency that maintains and manages our national parks, NPDC provides places and spaces that allow the Filipino spirit to BREATHE.

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Department of Tourism - Philippines

Tourism Promotions Board Philippines

Department of Tourism - Metro Manila

Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila

Video Courtesy of: National Parks Development Committee

The National Parks Development Committee, an attached agency of DOT, is tasked to develop, administer, and manage the Rizal Park and Paco Park in Manila.

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Additional Information About National Parks Development Committee

VISION To be the lead agency that will provide fully-developed and well-maintained parks for the Filipinos’ wholesome recreation and socio-cultural education which will contribute towards the enrichment of national identity and heritage through partnership with the community and NGOs. MANDATE The NPDC is tasked to develop, administer, and manage the Rizal Park and the Paco Park in Manila. Rizal Park 53.00 hectares Paco Park 1.00 hectare FUNCTIONS 1. Upgrade and maintain assigned parks including its facilities, park grounds and landscape themes, building and structures. 2. Develop and implement cultural and educational support programs and services particularly those in support of national and cultural heritage. 3. Improve financial viability in support of NPDC’s mission. 4. Ensure safety, orderliness and cleanliness in assigned parks. 5. Undertake development of new parks. 6. Establish inter-agency linkages in support of agency programs.

Urban park

An urban park or metropolitan park, also known as a municipal park or a public park, public open space, or municipal gardens, is a park in cities and other incorporated places to offer recreation and green space to residents of, and visitors to, the municipality. The design, operation and maintenance is usually done by government agencies, typically on the local level, but may occasionally be contracted out to a park conservancy, friends of group, or private sector company.

Common features of municipal parks include playgrounds, gardens, hiking, running and fitness trails or paths, bridle paths, sports fields and courts, public restrooms, boat ramps, and/or picnic facilities, depending on the budget and natural features available. Park advocates claim that having parks near urban residents, including within a 10-minute walk, provide multiple benefits.,and%20visitors%20to%2C%20the%20municipality.

Rizal Park

Rizal Park (Filipino: Liwasang Rizal, Spanish: Parque Rizal), also known as Luneta Park or simply Luneta, is a historic urban park located in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. It is considered as one of the largest urban parks in Asia, covering an area of 58 hectares (140 acres). The site on where the park is situated was originally known as Bagumbayan during the Spanish colonial period. It is adjacent to the historic Walled City of Intramuros and is a major tourist destination in the Philippines.

Paco Park

The Paco Park (originally named as Cementerio General de Dilao) is a recreational garden and was once Manila's municipal cemetery built by the Dominicans during the Spanish colonial period. It is located on General Luna Street and at the east end of Padre Faura Street in Paco, Manila, Philippines.

Paco Park has also become a very popular venue for weddings and receptions for couples who prefer garden-like settings.

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