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BOQ Memo Circular 2020-29: Guidelines for the Embarkation of On-signing Seafarers At All Philippine Ports : Bureau of Quarantine

Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) - Department of Health - Philippines.

Memorandum Circular No: 2020-29

TO: All Qurantine Station Chiefs with Ports Authorized to Conduct Crew Change, other Concerned Government Agencies, Port Operators, Licensed Manning Agencies and Local Port Authorities.

SUBJECT:  Guidelines for the Embarkation of On-signing Seafarers At All Philippine Ports

1. The Licensed Manning Agency (LMA) will provide accommodation in a DOH-Licensed Quarantine Facility and daily health monitoring for the on-signing crew for five (5) days prior to RT-PCR test.

2. The on-signing crew are not allowed to leave their holding facility and must observe minimum health standards at all times.

3. The minimum health standards must include wearing of face mask and face shield, maintain physical distancing, frequent hand washing and avoid touching the face, and observance of cough etiquette.

4. On the day of the RT-PCR testing, the onsigners must be transported using a sanitized vehicle to the DOH-Licensed Covid Testing Laboratory. The National Government may indicate a dedicated laboratory for such to ensure accountability for the test results.

5. Immediately after Swab Collection, the onsigning crew must go straight to the quarantine facility. He/She will stay alone in his/her room and wait until the COVID-negative crew is ready for transport to the vessel. The National Government is dedicating the quarantine facilities for this purpose. To ensure safeguarding of health protocols are observed, it is compulsory for all on-signing crew to stay in Government Facilities while waiting for their RT-PCR Test Results and until prior to embarking the vessel.

6. Once their test results are negative, onsigning crew are considered sanitized and will be issued outgoing Quarantine Medical Certificate by the BOQ Medical Officer.

7. To ensure their sanitary condition during embarkation period, the crew must wear complete medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This consists of face mask, face shield, coverall with hood, and gloves. Shoe covers are removed from the requirement for the safety of the crew: provided, their footwear will be disinfected every time they boarded a conveyance.     

8. All operator/driver/crew of transport conveyances must wear complete medical PPEs at all times when onsigning crew are with them. They must maintain proper physical distancing or provided a non-permeable barrier between him/her and the onsigning crew. Proper zoning of conveyance must be implemented and monitored to ensure low to no risk of exposure.

9. It is recommended that operator/driver/crew of the conveyance to undergo RT-PCR regularly provided by conveyance owner. Transport conveyance must have health certificate, such as Ship Sanitation Certificate and RT-PCR Negative Results of Crew, ready for inspection by competent authorities.

10. Ship Service Providers, such as boarding agents and surveyors, must present recent proofs of being COVID-free or Medical wellness prior to boarding the ship.

Link to Download Copy of Bureau Of Quarantine - BOQ Memorandum Circular No: 2020-29


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