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How to Boost the Quality of Your Mobile Videos - Youtube Creator Monthly

November has arrived! This month Youtube is dropping knowledge on how to boost the quality of your mobile videos. Master your mobile quality now, and be inspired by an awesome Creator!

4 tips to boost your mobile video quality
You don't need fancy video equipment to make high-quality videos. Creating content from your smartphone can happen anytime and anywhere. Check out these tips and tricks to get the most out of your mobile masterpieces:
Prep for success: Make sure your phone's lens is clean, and switch to "Do Not Disturb" to avoid distractions.
All of the lights: Natural lighting is the key to quality. Be sure to steer clear of harsh shadows, especially near your face.
Loud & clear: Although an external one is ideal, your phone's mic will do the trick. Keep your phone close, and avoid echoey sets for the best possible sound.
Action: Use the grid feature on your phone to keep your eyes in the top third of the video. Also, focus on your phone's camera lens rather than yourself to avoid looking off camera.
Beedle the Bardcore does love to party. His medieval covers, aka 'bardcore', are his takes of popular songs that are fun for all to enjoy.
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