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Levitating Plants - Amazing Concept for the Plantitos & Plantitas


Imagine Your Friends Faces Seeing This! 😲

"Favorite thing in my living room that draws a lot of attention."
- Lisa

🤔 That's probably how you going to think after guests leaving your place.

🇸🇪 A Swedish design planter you only could have dreamed of!

🌱 Starting today you can explore a new way of growing plants.

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These Levitating Planters Are Unreal

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: These are real-life levitating planters! And just like in the classic magic trick, while they're hovering in midair, you can quickly sweep your finger between the planter and platform—or even give them a gentle spin.

The secret is in the age-old technology of magnets. If you remember from grade school, when both north pole ends of two magnets face each other, there’s a strong magnetic repulsion. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that’s how the planter stays afloat. Neat, right?

Three key things to remember: (1) When you’re setting the planter in place, use both hands to center it properly, or the south pole end may get attracted to the platform and turn your planter upside down, making a mess; (2) remember to remove the planter before you turn off the platform or it could come crashing down—again, making a mess; and (3) each device has its own weight limit, so be sure that the total weight of soil + plant doesn’t exceed that, or it’ll be too heavy to levitate. Note that these all come with just the planter and magnetic platform, so fill it with the air plant, succulent, or bonsai plant of your choice.

Once it’s afloat, it’s a magical sight. No wizardry necessary!

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