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Bamboo Musical Instruments - Musika ng Kawayan: Yaman ng Bayan - DOST Innovation R&D Program

Learn more about the Bamboo Musical Instruments (BMI) Innovation R&D Program by watching this video. the DOST- Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) started the Bamboo Musical Instruments Innovation R&D Program to improve the quality of locally-made BMI

The BMI R&D Program aims to use science in developing and improving local bamboo musical instruments. It also aims to awaken our people's appreciation for BMIs and rouse the interest of Filipino youth on the beauty of our ethnic music. 

The R&D Program is led by DOST-FPRDI, in partnership with UP Diliman, Philippine Normal University and DOST-PCIERRD.

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“We make various types of instruments such as tipangklung, angklung, marimba, bumbong, bamban and gabbang, mostly for our clients from schools and music stores,” shared Ramos. He admits that though there is a steady demand for their products, one of the challenges is maintaining the quality of the raw materials, especially since bamboo poles are usually prone to bukbok (powderpost beetle) attack.

The DOST-FPRDI program aims to provide science-backed solutions to BMI problems on sound and structural qualities, playability, tuning and durability.

Program partners include the University of the Philippines - Center for Ethnomusicology and Philippine Normal University, while funding is provided by the DOST Grants - in- Aid.

This video is part of:

Musika ng Kawayan: Yaman ng Bayan, A Virtual Concert

The "Musika ng Kawayan, Yaman ng Bayan" virtual concert is a showcase of Filipino talents, highlighting the use of local bamboo musical instruments (BMIs).

The event aims to promote the versatility of bamboo as an excellent and sustainable material for musical instruments, and feature the various BMIs used across the country.

The concert is organized under the "Bamboo Musical Instruments Innovation R&D Program" of the DOST-FPRDI, in partnership with UP Diliman, PNU, and DOST-PCIERRD.

Featured Bamboo Musical Instruments:

Among many others, the musical instruments which was featured in this concert include the bungkaka which creates a buzzing sound, the guitar-like kollitong, the nose flute tongali, the koratong bamboo tubes, percussion instruments such as tambi, patatag, marimba, and tongatong, as well as banduria, ukelele, and an organ all made of bamboo.

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