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DISCOVER LA UNION! Best Tourist Spots in Elyu - What to Expect & See [Video Itinerary, Complete Tour Destinations and Side Trips]

DISCOVER LA UNION! Here’s a video tour that will show you the best tourist spots in Elyu and tag a friend you'd like to take back to this wonderful place! Urbiztondo Surfing Area San Juan, Bato de Luna, Ma-Cho Temple San Fernando, Man-made Forest, Santol La Union, Thunderbird Resorts and Casino Poro Point, Grape Farms Bauang, Tangadan Falls San Gabriel, Our Lady of Charity Basilica Agoo, The Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpan Luna, Pugad Adventure Pugo, Baluarte Tower Luna, Poro Point Lighthouse San Fernando.

Experience La Union as it brings you to the table the perfect mix of leisure, adventure, great eats, and cheap thrills. And because you get so much for a drive not too far away from the metro, it’s no wonder that La Union has become a top-of-mind destination for a well-deserved surf break, so dive back into the memories as we relive the La Union Surfing Break experience! While you’ll probably never run out of things to do in this vibrant yet laid-back destination. 






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Explore the chill surf beach vibe and other tourist spots in La Union, one of the favorite quick weekend destinations of young Metro Manila dwellers. This laid-back coastal town is famous for its surfing spots but what not a lot of people know is that it’s also brimming with other natural and heritage attractions and cultural activities like red clay pottery, grape picking, loom weaving, churches for pilgrimage tours, waterfalls, and eco-tours. Discover what else La Union has to offer and stay for more than a quick weekend.

See and Do

La Union is synonymous with surfing and relaxing beach getaways, with San Juan being the go-to spot for tourists who want to catch the waves. For outdoor lovers, you can also hike to Tangadan Falls where you’ll be treated to scenic forest views and a cold shower under the falls while floating on a bamboo raft or go cliff-jumping if you’re feeling more adventurous. If La Trinidad in Benguet has strawberry-picking, La Union has grape-picking. Explore the vineyards of La Union and harvest your own grapes or taste their locally-made wines. For a unique cultural experience, try molding your own red clay pots in the red clay pottery tourist spots or watch local artisans weave. La Union is also rich in heritage tourist spots like churches and old ruins if you’re a history or architecture enthusiast.

Where to Stay

La Union is filled with resorts and hotels fit for any budget and type of traveler. You can choose from luxurious hotels, mid-range hotels, to budget-friendly backpacker hostels.

La Union is a province in the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in the island of Luzon. Its capital is the city of San Fernando, which also serves as the regional center of the whole Ilocos Region. The province is bordered by Ilocos Sur to the north, Benguet to the east, Pangasinan to the south and to the west by the shores of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea).

Places to Visit in La Union + Things To Do for First-Timers

1. Surf in San Juan

2. Tangadan Falls cliff diving

3. La Union sunset

4. Food trip & nightlife in Urbiztondo

5. Halo Halo de Iloko

6. Ma-Cho Temple

7. Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

8. Bahay Na Bato

9. Luna Pebble Beach

10. Luna Church and Baluarte

11. La Union grape farms & fruit picking

What To See: BALUARTE WATCH TOWER Historical Landmark in Luna | La Union Tour Travel Guide Side Trip

La Union Travel & Tourism Philippines - Tours, Itinerary and side trip. Baluarte, The Watch Tower HERITAGE STRUCTURES Preserving beauty, the glory of historical watchtowers. Baluarte Watch Tower is a ruin of a Spanish Watch Tower located at the coast of Victoria, Luna, La Union. Backpacking La Union - tourist destination, famous sites, where to go, what to see. Information about how to get to baluarte watchtower, baluarte watch tower entrance fee. This video is categorized under watchtower in the philippines & famous watchtowers in the Philippines. Wtach to know why visit baluarte watch tower in San Juan, Luna, La union. Get a glimpse of Luna, La Union history. On the shores of Victoria in Luna, La Union, a watchtower stands proud. A 400-year-old watchtower facing the West Philippine Sea was built during the spanish period, a 5.6-meter high made by reddish bricks structure located at Barangay Victoria, Municipality of Luna. Spaniards created the tower as a lookout point for the approaching attacks of Japanese, Chinese and Moro pirates and other conquerors in the coastal towns of la union. The guards were able to warn the locals of Luna to protect and defend their properties from ransackers. The baluarte also serves as a communication tower during world war II. Before the watchtower stands in disarray, vertically cut in two because of eroded base and foundation. Its two halves stand with concrete post supports on its sides. Recently the tower was totally split in half after it was hit by big waves and strong winds spawned by a typhoon. The philippine government manage to repair the tower maintaining the structure’s architectural design and materials. Today the restored Baluarte looks like a fusion of old and new architecture but it's still a historical landmark in the province that symbolizes luna’s stability and unity.

What to Expect: MAN-MADE FOREST Side Trip | LA UNION Elyu TOUR | Paloair Luna Forest [Tourist Spots]

Expectation vs. Reality: La Union (Elyu) tour side trip: Man-made forest in La Union. Lush trees along the road, which resemble the man-made forest of Bohol - Almeida Man Made Forest Bacnotan - Luna - Balaoan Rd, Balaoan, La Union | Paloair (paraoir) Luna Forest Bacnotan - Luna - Balaoan Road.  MAN MADE FOREST TUNNEL LUNA, LA UNION. Guide to Traveling to La Union (2021).  Explore the chill surf beach vibe and other tourist spots in La Union, one of the favorite quick weekend destinations of young Metro Manila dwellers. Things to Do in La Union. Places to Visit in La Union + Things To Do for First-Timers.  TOP LA UNION TOURIST SPOTS and How to Get There. 

NAMACPACAN CHURCH La Union (Elyu) TOUR Side Trip | Walking Tour [Travel Destinations & Backpacking]

Walk Tour: Namacpacan Church - A Tourist Guide to Notable Philippine Churches / La Union tourist spots and travel destinations - Brgy. Victoria, Luna La Union tour side trip - Catholic church in Luna, La Union. Address: Namacpacan Road, Luna, 2518 La Union. The Namacpacan Church also known as the Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church (St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, The Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan / Nuestra Señora de Namacpacan) is a Roman Catholic church located in Luna (formerly Namacpacan), La Union, the Philippines under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Fernando de La Union. Formerly called Luna Church, the church is placed under the advocacy of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in 1690 and is known for its devotion to the Our Lady of Namacpacan. The church was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. Know more about Namacpacan church history, Our lady of Namacpacan mass schedule, Our lady of Namacpacan feast day, Our lady of Namacpacan prayer, Namacpacan meaning and Namacpacan festival.

0:00 The Plaza
0:37 Main Entrance
1:16 Full View of the Church Facade
1:58 Bell Tower & Side Walls
2:34 Step-Buttress
2:47 Miracle Well
3:14 Church Interior

MA-CHO TEMPLE in San Fernando La Union | 4K Walking Tour with Relaxing, Natural Sounds (ASMR)

La Union Day Tour / Elyu side trip: No crazy vlogger talk - just relaxing natural sounds (ASMR) in First-person view (FPV) /  first-person point of view (POV) video like you are actually there. The Ma-Cho Temple – 菲律濱隆天宮 - Ma-Cho, Mazu or Ma Cho Temple is a Taoist temple to the Chinese Sea-Goddess Mazu located on Quezon Avenue in Barangay II, San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines. Address: Ma-Cho Temple Driveway, Quezon Ave, San Fernando, La Union.  The first Taoist temple in the Philippines where the renowned Spider Dome is found. Perched atop a hill overlooking the vast West Philippine Sea with a panoramic view of the harbor of San Fernando and China Sea, the Temple is a vast complex of stone carvings of Taoist disciples, and lions, arches, fountains, towers, pagodas, gardens, dormitory and spacious parking space. Inside you will find the breathtaking  13 tiers spider-type dome, camphor-wood-carvings of deities and many traditional Taoist interior decors. Things to Do in La Union Other Than Surfing. Best La Union Tourist Spots, Places to Visit And Things to do in La Union. History:  It was built in 1977 by a group of Filipino-Chinese devotees under the leadership of Dy Keh Hio and with the support of former Tourism Secretary Jose D. Aspiras. Mazu (Ma-zeun) is the deified form of the medieval Fujian Saintly Lady, Lin Moniang. Mazuism is not formally recognized as an organised religion in Mainland China or Taiwan, but is an important part of Chinese folk religion in Fujian, Taiwan and Oversea Chinese communities worldwide. Architecture: With an elevation of 70 above sea level, the 7-story temple is a towering 11-tiered, multi-hued attraction on a more than a hectare of lot and accessible by separate routes. The temple's attractions include the Majestic Five Door Gate, Bamboo Garden, the Liang Thing Pagoda, 2 circular pools or ponds and the golden emblem of a dragon, the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower. The interiors of Ma-Cho Temple is filled with Chinese ancient decorations or art. Taiwan laborers helped build the building under famous Architect Thomas Diokno. The temple is adorned by Chinese motif of Taipei lions and dragons (camphor woods) and massive stones. Its original spider type dome awes the beholder with the interlinking wood carvings of saints (piling up in a total of 11 tiers). Statues of animals, the famous towering arch, and the meditation room all focus on Mazu's eyes, which are closed while her hands are clasped together at her chest.

0:00 Welcome to Ma-cho Temple
0:49 Liang Thing Pagoda
1:47 Image of Kwan Yen (Goddess of Mercy)
2:35 Full of View of the Temple
3:09 The 18 Disciples
3:59 Majestic 5 Door Gate
5:07 Going Inside the Temple
5:50 View of the West Philippine Sea
6:47 Bell Tower
7:07 Lotus Fountain

What to See: BAHAY NA BATO Amazing House & Pebble Beach | Luna, La Union | 4K Walking Tour

La Union Tour Side Trip & Walk Tour [ASMR Walking Around with relaxing sound of birds and waves]: Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery and Staycation - Location: Luna La Union (Elyu) - Nalvo Norte, Bacnotan - Luna - Balaoan Rd, Luna, La Union, Philippines: Stone Art Gallery, Noble Home, and Pebble Beach. Bahay Na Bato is an example of an amazing house in the Philippines. La Union is one of the most famous tourist spots design in the Philippines. This is one of the famous travel destinations and tourist spots in La Union. Bahay na Bato History: In the year 2000, Dr. Edison Noble and Dr. Purita Chan Noble had built a rest house that was constructed along the coast of La Union so that they can relax and enjoy the beauty and the serenity La Union. Thus, before it became a tourist attraction it was a former Rest House of Dr. Edison & Purita Chan-Noble, thus also called the Noble Home. It was made up mainly of stones and pebbles from the beaches of Luna. In the year 2015, the couple opened their Bahay na Bato to the public, as it was encouraged by their local tourism government, and it was made as the tourist destination of the place. Soon after the opening, the local government and the tourist office had recorded a massive number of tourists and guests that were attracted to the new destination. Bahay Na Bato Artist: It showcases the artworks of Bong Kim / or Vong Kim - the man behind the wood sculptures and stone carvings is, a Korean artist, who also trains locals to carve stones. So the pieces of art that you will see here are mixed works of Mr. Vong Kim and the locals. Bahay na Bato has lots of  instagrammable art. Just be creative. It's better if you have a friend photographer. One of the best spots in Luna, La union to visit. Bahay na Bato Entrance Fee: 50 Pesos (as of June 2021). 

0:00 Entrance
0:54 Eco Walk Garden Area
7:33 Bahay Na Bato House Tour
12:32 Beach Front Area - Pebble Beach
14:29 Antique Collection - Museum
16:27 Bahay Kubo Beach House

DAING: Best PASALUBONG from LA UNION | Elyu's Best Dried Fish and Special Suka

La Union Tour Side Trip: Pasalubong Shopping on our La Union Tour (Elyu) - Local Made Dried Fish and Special Suka ni Mang Sidro - Daytuy suka (sugar cane vinegar) / basi / sukang Iloko. They also make “alamang”, “patis”, or “padas”. Meron ding Danggit, iba't ibang klase ng tuyong isda, pusit, espada, tinapa, pingka/ bulong unas, daing-pusit etc. Dried fish production or what they usually call “daing” is the identity of the municipality since it is the only quality dried fish producer in the province. Particularly at Barangay Damortis, travelers could see how busy the locals are in managing their business, a proof of commitment and dedication to maintain their major source of living. Located along the national highway, you'll see daing pop-up stores along the way. Fishermen from barangay Damortis, Narvacan, Cupang, Kasantaan, Ubagan and Cabaroan are mostly engage in daing making. Santo Tomas' coastal areas are suitable for fishing, hence, making the town famous worldwide for its Damortis dried fish (daing stalls along the national highway) local trade, and exports. Local puto, Bibingka, Nilatekan, and Patopat are the delicacies expertly prepared by the locals. The town holds its Daing Festival held every April 20 and annual town Fiesta every April 24 and 25.

GRAPES PICKING: Must-Try Side Trip on Your La Union Tour | Bauang Grape Adventure [Backpacking]

La Union Tour Itinerary: In La Union, farmers let tourists pick grapes. La Union also offers grape picking at Bauang and it was actually a local secret that has been revealed. Grapes picking straight from the vines is a must-try activity that you need to add to your itinerary. Bauang offers 6 grape farms (Ubasan) that you can explore namely Lomboy Grape Farm, Gapuz Grape Farm, Calica Grape Farm, Manguerra Grape Farm, Orpilla-Obando Grape Farm, and Orpilla-Estigoy Grape Farm. On this video, we visited the Liezl Gapuz Ancheta Salino Grape Farm. They offer wine tasting - with different wine variety such as Guyabano wine, Bugnay wine, Blueberry wine etc. You can also buy garlic (bawang), grapes cuttings and other seedlings as take-home gifts and souvenirs. Tourists don't mind shelling out P250 per kilo of red cardinal grapes as long as they do the picking themselves. Even during the rainy season, you would see signs like “Grape Picking” in Barangay Urayong or men in motorcycles willing to bring you off-road for some purple adventure. 

Lomboy Grape Farm is the pioneer vineyard founded by Avelino Lomboy or the so-called “Grape King” of the north, where he initiated grape farming and supplies the country with fresh-grown grapes from the province. To get there, from city proper hop on a bus bound to Agoo and get off at barangay Urayong, Bauang. All farms offer Pick & Pay for their grapes. Tours usually happen on a first-come-first-served basis and the best time to visit the site is during summer/ harvest season.

Address: Santiago, Bauang, La Union, 2501 Bauang, Philippines
0:00 Entrance to the Farm
0:50 Grape Picking Adventure
4:19 Unli Tikim
5:52 Wine Tasting
7:42 Souvenirs and Pasalubong

ELYU Beach | San Juan La Union 4K Walking Tour Surfing Destination in the Philippines | Travel 2021

Explore Elyu on this first-person view walking tour / walk tour 4K video. Featured location: San Juan beach shoreline, Kabsat, surfing lessons, Elyu sunset. What to see and what to expect. Backpacking La Union tourist spots and travel destinations. This is part of our 2021 La Union 2-day tour. Location: Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union (Ilocos Region) Philippines: Surfing Capital Of The Northern Philippines - perfect for beach hopping, beach bumming beachineering, and especially surfing. Also check out the relaxing ambiance of Kabsat restaurant, amazing sunset. Sadly we are not able to shoot some videos at Flotsam / Jetsam. You should also check out surfing lessons at Elyu Classic surfing/surf school & other surfing lessons at the beach. It is one of the perfect getaways for surfing enthusiasts and also the best place to relax and feel the good vibes. San Juan La Union is on the west part of La Union Province and it's also a second-class municipality in the province of La Union. A place where anyone can learn how to surf. Millennials call it as “Elyu” from its acronym L.U. which means La Union. Avail of surfing lessons & learn riding the La Union waves. There are many surfing schools along the beach.

0:00 Intro

0:57 Elyu Classic

1:10 Taho at the Beach

1:54 Elyu Beach Scenes

2:25 Surfing Lessons

3:33 Kabsat Restaurant

4:36 Kabsat Beachfront Scenes

5:54 La Union Sunset

La Union (ELYU) Chill Sunset Beach Surfing Vibe

White noise relaxing ocean waves ASMR - chill beach vibes. 5-minute relaxation video to surfing beach wave sounds of a tropical beach, beautiful ocean sunset scenery and beach surfing scenes (relaxing video for quick stress relief. Hope you enjoy the sights & sounds of the beautiful beach of La Union (Elyu) Urbiztondo - a surfing spot in the Philippines. Listen to this ASMR video of the relaxing and calming sounds of the ocean waves on a beach. The ASMR effect of ambisonic audio will create a peaceful atmosphere with this actual recording of sound of the La Union beach in the Philippines. Hope you enjoy the sights & sounds of the beautiful ocean waves rolling in. Great for a quick 5 minute break relaxation.

THUNDERBIRD RESORT - Santorini of Asia | 4K Walking Tour | Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union

Thunderbird Beach Resort, Hotel & Casino - Poro Point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union Philippines. Thunderbird Resorts - Poro Point is located in San Fernando, 8.3 km from Bauang Beach and 9.7 km from San Juan Beach, a Mediterranean-inspired resort with an infinity pool, yoga classes and an on-site casino. Thunderbird Resorts - Poro Point is 12.6 km from Bascil Ridge and 5.3 km from Macho Temple while the nearest airport is Clark International Airport, 3-hour drive from the property. Thunderbird resort la union price list, thunderbird resort la union entrance fee 2021, thunderbird resort la union villa. Nestled on a scenic 100-ft cliff at the highest point of Poro Point Peninsula that overlooks San Fernando Bay and the West Philippine Sea where one can witness the most picturesque sunsets, Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos – Port Point is a 65-hectare Mediterranean-inspired premier integrated resort in La Union, Philippines. Thunderbird resort la union golf course, thunderbird resort membership, thunderbird resort la union promo, thunderbird contact number, thunderbird resort la union day tour and side trip. Dubbed as the Santorini of Asia, Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos – Poro Point is a dream destination of its own. Experience Greece's world-renowned resort town without needing to leave our local shores, with the ever famous Santorini dome as the resort's primary landmark. Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos – Poro Point is the only resort in the north with 5-star hotel amenities. It features luxurious rooms and villas, a myriad of dining options, recreational and wellness facilities, world-class casino, state of the art  event center and function rooms and 9-hole all weather golf course. 


Ilocos Sur Best Tourist Spots - Natural Beauty, Food, Culture and History 
DISCOVER ILOCOS SUR! This video will show you the best tourist spots in Ilocos Sur, highlighting each of them in a video - Featuring Calle Crisologo Vigan, Nuestra Senora Dela Asuncion Church Sta. Maria, Quirino Bridge, Plaza Salcedo Dancing Fountain, Bago Resort Salcedo, Caniaw Heritage and Forest Park, Pinsal Falls Sta. Maria, Exploring R-Caves Cabugao, Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo, Pinakbet Farm Caoayan, St. Augustine Parish Church Bantay, Santiago Cove, St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral Vigan, Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol.


Discover Ilocos Norte! 
Explore the wonders of Ilocos Norte and arrange your itinerary to go to the places that interest you the most. This video will show you the best tourist spots in Ilocos Norte, highlighting each of them in a video: Patapat Viaduct, Bantay Abot Cave, Solsona - Apayao Road, LA Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc Church, Kabigan Falls Pagudpud, Kite Surfing Caparispisan Pagudpud, Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure, Bangui Windmills, Kapurpurawan Rock Formations Burgos, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Burgos, Malacanang of the North, Paoay Church, Laoag Sinking Bell Tower, San Nicolas Pottery, Pasuquin Salt Farm, Inabel Loom Weaving, Adams, Inuwayan Wine Cellar, Juan Luna Shrine, Madongan Dam Dingras


Explore the scenic province of Pangasinan, home of the famous Hundred Islands, and get a taste of its local culture and cuisine. Pangasinan boasts of stretches of white, sandy beaches, verdant hills, scenic terrains, caves, waterfalls, ancient Hispanic churches, miraculous destinations for devotees, a vast coastline for fishing, water sports or leisurely walking along the Lingayen beach where one can get a glimpse of the world-famous Philippine sunset.


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