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Explore Lubang Island Occidental Mindoro - Make it Your Home Away from Home [Tourism & Travel]

Discover Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro Philippines - attractions, travel guide, Tourist spots, travel destination, beaches, rock formations, history and locals. Kick back in a charming open air cottage perched atop a seaside cliff and enjoy magnificent views of the sea, rock formations, meadows and sandy beaches. Explore sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky sea cliffs and rainforests at your leisure. Enjoy fresh seafood and organic produce.

Lubang Island is the largest island in the Lubang Group of Islands, an archipelago which lies to the northwest of the northern end of Mindoro in the Philippines. 0:00 Tara Na! Port of Lubang 0:25 Binacas Beach 0:36 Binacas Rock Formations 0:42 Punta Cave 1:18 Hulagaan River 1:30 Poblacion, Lubang 1:37 Lubang Anak ng Jeep 1:40 Our Lady of the Assumption Parish - Lubang 1:45 Lubang Municipal Fish Port 1:58 Bahay Pamahalaan ng Lubang 2:05 Plaza de Francisco M. Sanchez 2:14 Occidental Mindoro State College 2:17 Lubang Provincial Government Office 2:27 Cabra Island - Lubang 2:30 The Apparition Site of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception - Lubang Island 2:43 Parola De Las Islas de Cabra - Lubang Islang 2:48 Balibago Beach 3:07 X-Diver's Resort Lubang 3:12 Tumibo Mangroves 3:19 Cassava Chips Making 3:22 PGO Vegetable Garden 3:26 Sun Drying Palay Rice Grains 3:29 Lei's Farm and Resort - Lubang Island 3:50 Seabourn Beach Resort 3:54 Palanas Beach 3:59 Fisherman / Fisherfolks of Lubang Island (Traditional Net Fishing) 4:13 Farmers Palay Rice Harvest using Kuliglig - Palay Thresher 4:30 Lubang Pandaggo sa Ilaw 4:45 Baranggay Sorville 5:06 Hiroo Onoda Trail & Caves - Lubang 5:24 Lubang Island Farming and Agriculture 5:33 Sala, Sitio Kusang Loob - Lubang 6:10 Lubang Town Aerial Shot
Tourist Activities in Lubang Island Explore the beaches of Tagbac and Binacas in Lubang, and Bonbon in Looc Scuba diving (See Don Juan Villa Beach Resort and Dive Center contact number above) Snorkeling and free diving Visit the old Spanish Lighthouse in Cabra island Check out Onoda Trail and Caves See Hulagaang Waterfalls Trek to Gozar Air Station, Mt. Benogongon and Mt. Gonting Discover other attractions of the Islands of Cabra, Golo and Ambil
HISTORY OF LUBANG ISLAND The name of this town came from lumbang, a kind of tree which grew profusely in this island during the early days. Due to constant use for so many years, the name became Lubang. Lubang was already a progressive community in 1570, when Captain Juan de Salcedo and his Spanish soldiers, together with Visayan warriors, visited this place. This video is part of the ARAWATAN FESTIVAL 2020 Arawatan Festival, tampok sa pagdiriwang ng Anibersaryo ng Occidental Mindoro “ARAWATAN” is a native term among the Mangyan that connotes “unity”, “cooperation” and “helping each other”. This is an annual historic event in Occidental Mindoro where the people of this province of various religious congregations, beliefs, and political differences, varying ethnically & indigenous people, customs and traits are strongly “unified.” Each year, the people of Occidental Mindoro, the students, professionals, businessmen, government officials, together with the rural folks and indigenous people participate in the activities. The usual celebration highlights exhibition of this province natural attractions, agricultural, coastal and marine products, street dancing, fairs, sports, competition, parade of beauties and recognition to achievers or outstanding performers of the province. It is celebrated every 11th day of November in celebration of the Province of Occidental Mindoro’s founding anniversary.


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