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More flights to Boracay, Siargao, Bohol & Dubai - Cebu Pacific Airlines

Find out where we fly this month

The year 2020 has reinforced in us the reason why we fly. That is to continuously provide you with safe and affordable flights, so you can spend quality time with your loved ones, and make moments happen.  

We continue to work hand in hand with government authorities, to offer you even more flights to more destinations this December. We firmly believe in supporting the Philippine tourism industry, and pave the way for everyJuan to rediscover the wonders of traveling, starting with the some of the best islands in the Philippines such as Boracay, Siargao, Cebu, Coron, and Bohol.  

The international skies continue to slowly open as CEB now operates daily flights from Dubai, and is set to restart its operations in Taiwan by the second half of the month.  CEB has also continued to increase frequencies to other key international routes such as Seoul, Nagoya, and Hong Kong.  

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Contactless Flight icon CEB gets 7-star COVID safety rating 
Airline Ratings gave CEB the highest 7-star COVID safety rating, in the world's first COVID-19 health rating for airlines. As always, we implement multi-layered safety measures, based on global best practices. This includes daily extensive disinfection of the aircraft, and hospital-grade HEPA air filters, which makes inflight transmission of COVID-19 virtually non-existent. Hygiene kits, for a fee, may also be added to your bookings. 

Testing options icon Convenient COVID-19 testing options on your next flight 
Traveling in the new normal is made more convenient with test options in Manila. Passengers may choose from RT-PCR test options as low as P3,300 (exclusive discount for CEB passengers) when booked through the CEB website.  

We also recently launched a pilot run for Test Before Boarding with the Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory. Passengers to General Santos are required to undergo antigen testing conveniently at the airport just before their flight.  

Safe flights ahead as these cost-effective options provide precise results in a timely manner and are made more accessible for everyJuan.  
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We remain committed to strictly implementing safe and contactless flights, as well as providing flexible booking options so you can travel with peace of mind. Let's all work together, so #EveryoneWillFlyAgain.   

Here's to more travels with you in 2021! 

On behalf of the Cebu Pacific family,  
Candice Iyog
Vice President
Marketing and Customer Experience
A CEB traveler is always in the know!
  Flying soon or planning ahead? Access readily available and helpful information for your safety and convenience

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Your safety is our priority

Travel with confidence. Learn more about CEB's global practices on Contactless Flights and multi-layered safety measures

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