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Nostalgic Cebuano / Visayan Children's Folk Songs Medley - Funny Bisaya Songs - Huni Ukelele

Huni ukuleles - Ukulele shop - UKeCEBU -  Solid Bamboo Ukuleles Philippines. Cebuano Famous childhood music by Joseph Gara. This is an example of Bisaya song with excellent Cebuano rhymes. Unforgettable Visayan / Cebuano / Bisdak song medley.

"Huni" is a Filipino or Cebuano word that means chirping or hooting of birds or fowls.  It could also mean sound, tone, song, music, melody, or musical tune. Exquisite sound and superb playability manifest in each of Huni's handcrafted ukuleles. Our ukuleles are designed from inside out that they sound as good as they look.  Our tradition of excellence is the foundation of CEBU's reputation in the business of making handcrafted musical instruments made from the finest tone woods in the country. Huni ukuleles is the brainchild of our Ukulele shop - UKeCEBU.  With Huni, we aim to develop a local brand that would represent the rich culture and craftsmanship of the Cebuanos. We feel privileged to work along side with these skillful CEBUANO craftsmen. And we take responsibility in making sure that there skill sets will be passed on to the next generation of luthiers in the country.

Top Cebuano Songs We Know By Heart

This video is example of the iconic songs that took over Cebu and made a huge impact in our lives. This can either be a test, a trip down memory lane or a learning for children. Watch to take you to the journey through these “Cebuano songs”.

Cebuano Music

The wide repertoire of Visayan songs includes ballads, lullabies, harana (serenade), children's songs, working songs, drinking songs, nonsense songs, and a lively song-and-dance debate called balitaw.

The Art Of The Visayan Song - 'We Don't Hear It' - Saving Cebuano music / Cebuano Classics

When you hear a Visayan song, there will be a sense of nation. Nation in the Cebuano sense.

Musika ng Kawayan: Yaman ng Bayan, A Virtual Concert

The "Musika ng Kawayan, Yaman ng Bayan" virtual concert is a showcase of Filipino talents, highlighting the use of local bamboo musical instruments (BMIs).

The event aims to promote the versatility of bamboo as an excellent and sustainable material for musical instruments, and feature the various BMIs used across the country.

The concert is organized under the "Bamboo Musical Instruments Innovation R&D Program" of the DOST-FPRDI, in partnership with UP Diliman, PNU, and DOST-PCIERRD.

Featured Bamboo Musical Instruments:

Among many others, the musical instruments which was featured in this concert include the bungkaka which creates a buzzing sound, the guitar-like kollitong, the nose flute tongali, the koratong bamboo tubes, percussion instruments such as tambi, patatag, marimba, and tongatong, as well as banduria, ukelele, and an organ all made of bamboo.



Bamboo Music, Wealth of the Town ′′ virtual concert - held November 27, 9-11 AM. Performed Online on DOST-FPRDI Facebook page.

Performances: Joey Ayala, Mr. Armando Salarza featuring Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, Bamboo Team, Dulag Karatong Festival Performers, Benicio Sokkong, Huni Ukulele, Dipolog Community Rondalla, and PNU Himig Bamboo. This is part of National Science and Technology Week celebration.

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