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Sablayan Occidental Mindoro Tourism - Always An Adventure - Nasasabik Akong Makita Kang Muli

Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro Philippines - Tourism Video - Sablayan tourist destinations, adventure and backpacking. Nestled in the bustling island sceneries, Sablayan delights your senses on its verdant forests and mountains, pristine beaches, and breath-taking sanctuaries of endemic birds and fauna. Frolic under the sunshine while being tossed and caressed by the waves as you play with gentle creatures of underwater paradises – the Apo Reef Natural Park. Go camping, trekking, caving, and communing with nature and be immersed in the culture of the locals. Be privileged too, to have cultural exchanges with the original inhabitants of the island – the Mangyans. Marvel on the magnificent Tamaraw (Bubalus Mendorensis) as you head for a nature safari in the mountains of Iglit-Baco, a protected natural, and ASEAN Heritage Park. Your travel to Sablayan is never complete if you haven’t zipped your way to Pandan Island through the 1.7 km world longest island to island zip line ride. Visit the 16th-century church at the foot of Presing Park. Glean on history and culture as you wind your way to our museum, marketplace, and other establishments around. Explore nature, culture, and adventure! Be among those many who are charmed and mesmerized by Sablayenos’ warmth and hospitality. Be home, come, and experience Trailblazing Sablayan.

Featured Destination and tourist spots in Sablayan 

0:00 Sablayan Virtual Tour Intro

0:28 Dolphin Watching

0:43 Apo Reef Natural Park - Sablayan

2:13 Pandan Grande Reef and Island 

3:05 Lumang Simbahan ng Sablayan 

4:00 Tau-Buid Mangyan Tribe (Tao-Buhid)

4:33 Mangyan Handicrafts, local food, boodle fight, tuna sashimi, taro chips

7:01 Longest Zipline in Asia


Sablayan is located at the center of the Province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. There are many different ways to reach Sablayan. The fastest way to reach Sablayan is by air. 45 minute flights from Manila to San Jose are serviced by Cebu Pacific. Then, at two-to-three hour land travel by bus or van will take you to Sablayan.

Update as of 13 April 2022

Gradual Reopening 

Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro now reopens select tourism attractions for local, domestic, and foreign tourists. 

For booking, contact us through:

Hotline: 0998 546 5917(Smart); 0917 170 6723 (Globe)

Landline: (043) 458 0028


See full details below:

Sablayan Occidental Mindoro now accepts Local and Foreign Tourists
Sablayan Occidental Mindoro now accepts Local and Foreign Tourists

Sablayan Occidental Mindoro Tourism

Sablayan Tourist Requirements:

Sablayan Tourist Requirements

Sablayan Occidental Mindoro Hotel and Accommodations

Sablayan Occidental Mindoro Hotel and Accommodations

Sablayan Tourism Rates and Environmental Fees, Boat Fees

Sablayan Tourism Rates and Environmental Fees, Boat Fees

Sablayan Tourism Rates and Environmental Fees, Boat Fees

Sablayan Tourism Rates and Environmental Fees, Boat Fees

Apo Reef Natural Park 

Apo Reef is the largest atoll-like reef in Asia, an underwater paradize and a diving mecca. No wonder the reef abounds with two hundred eighty-five (285) species of colorful marine fishes including families of sharks, stingrays, mantas, schools of jacks and snappers, tropical aquarium fish and the crevice-dwelling moray, blemish and gobie. Apo Reef Natural Park has three islands: Apo Island, Apo Menor and Cayos del Bajo with white sandy beaches ideal for recreation and sporting vacation. Its smooth current provides excitement and convenience to both beginners and advanced divers.

Pandan Grande Reef and Island - Sablayan 

Pandan reef is home to various species of marine life boast of almost guaranteed sightings of pawikans and other various colorful reef fishes. Pandan Island is a favorite destination among foreign visitors who prefer to experience a laid-back island life surrounded by palms and unspoiled forest that offers nature’s treasures. One may take a trek through the island’s forest and watch different colorful species of birds before you come and meet face to face with the Spanish Nose or see the splashing of waves in the wild Lagoon. You may also do diving and snorkeling to meet underwater creatures.

Lumang Simbahan - Sablayan History and Heritage

Sablayan, officially the Municipality of Sablayan (Tagalog: Bayan ng Sablayan), is a 1st class municipality in the province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. 

This video is part of Arawatan Festival 2020 - NASASABIK AKONG MAKITA KANG MULI VIRTUAL TOUR CONTEST

Arawatan Festival, tampok sa pagdiriwang ng Anibersaryo ng Occidental Mindoro  

“ARAWATAN” is a native term among the Mangyan that connotes “unity”, “cooperation” and “helping each other”. This is an annual historic event in Occidental Mindoro where the people of this province of various religious congregations, beliefs, and political differences, varying ethnically & indigenous people, customs and traits are strongly “unified.” Each year, the people of Occidental Mindoro, the students, professionals, businessmen, government officials, together with the rural folks and indigenous people participate in the activities. The usual celebration highlights exhibition of this province natural attractions, agricultural, coastal and marine products, street dancing, fairs, sports, competition, parade of beauties and recognition to achievers or outstanding performers of the province. It is celebrated every 11th day of November in celebration of the Province of Occidental Mindoro’s founding anniversary.


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