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Trending: Ben&Ben - Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay | Official Music Video | Starring: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Ben&Ben - Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay | Official Music Video

The music video, which stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, is a collaboration between the band, its “resident director” Jorel Lising, and spoken word poet and screenwriter Juan Miguel Severo. 

In it, the real-life couple are two lovers who are caught in a time loop which resets after one of them dies. One of them, however, retains all the memories of their past relationship – including the painful ones.


Kaya namang makayanan kahit pa na nahihirapan

Kahit lungkot, dumaraan 'pag natuyo na ang luha

Parang nahipan ang 'yong kandila

Init ay wala

Hindi ba pangako mo nu'ng una, tiwala'y iingatan?

Baka naman, sa susunod na habang-buhay, ha-ay na lang

'Di talaga inasahang magkagulo't magkagulatan

Tahanang pinagpaguran, sa'n na napunta?

Hindi ba pangako mo nu'ng una, tiwala'y iingatan?

Baka naman, sa susunod na habang-buhay, ha-ay

Hindi ba pangako mo nu'ng una, tiwala'y iingatan?

Baka naman, sa susunod na habang-buhay, ha-ay

At kahit nabago na ng oras, ang puso ma'y nabutas

Ikaw pa rin sa susunod na habang-buhay, ha-ay, ha-ay

Ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin kong mahalin

Sa susunod na habang-buhay

Starring: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla 


Screenplay: Juan Miguel Severo 

Directed by Jorel Lising

Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay

Written by Miguel Benjamin and Paolo Benjamin

Arranged by Ben&Ben

Produced by Jean Paul Verona and Ben&Ben

Mixed by Jean Paul Verona

Mastered by Leon Zervos

The idea of a love that goes beyond a single lifetime isn’t new to Severo. He has, of course, written the play Hintayan ng Langit, which is about ex-lovers who cross paths in purgatory. The play was later adapted into a movie. 

Instead of the afterlife, Severo thought of a couple stuck in a time loop. “What if every time one dies, they go back to their first date with one of them carrying memories from their previous run?” he said. 

Severo, Lising, and the band held online meetings before finally pitching the idea to Kathryn and Daniel. 

Lising opted for “non-linear, fragmented storytelling” for the video. The shoot itself didn’t take long, he said, partly because Kathryn and Daniel were on a tight schedule and mostly because adjustments were few and far between. “Every frame we took of them has a strong presence that comes with lots of experience, especially since they’ve been acting for so long now,” he said. 

“Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay” came out in February 2020 and was the first single released after the album Limasawa Street in 2019.

Produced by Ben&Ben Music Productions and Elesi Studios

Head of Production: Earl Guico 

Production Manager: Jinky Adoyo 

Band Coordinator: Brando Balmedina

Production Designer: Dianne Khu 

Cinematography by: Ian Guevara 

Assistant Director: Camille Aragona

Camera Operators: "The Eagle Squad" Pao Sancon, Timothy Axibal

Asst. Camera Operator: Jojo Remulta

Gaffer: Maui Caspe 

Music & Sound Editor: Agnes Reoma

Sound Engineer: Jean Paul Verona

Sound Design: Toni Muñoz, Patricia Lasaten, Jam Villanueva

Offline Editor: Timothy Axibal 

Online Editor: Jude Matanguihan 

Colorist: Mikhail Von Asmuth 

Camera & Equipment Rental: RSVP Film Studios

Glam team for Mr. Daniel Padilla:

Ryan Ko 

Ton Lao 

Ryan Villoria

Jerwin Aquino 

Glam team for Ms. Kathryn Bernardo:

Justine Claudie Patricia del Rosario

John Valle

Katrina de Jesus 

Kurt Mackenzie Ong  

Jan Aranilla

Drivers: Romulo Tomas, Edilberto Alipan 

Official Photographer for Ben&Ben: Karen De La Fuente

Camera and Equipment Rental: RSVP Film Studios 

Hair and Make Up Artist for Ben&Ben: Bernadette Flores 

BBMP Lighting Director: Melvin Manuel

BBMP Band Set-up Head: Ronald Ian Santiago 

BBMP Crew: Baje Dizon, Jerald Sulit, Patrick Babina, Rayann Maninang 

Special thanks to: 

Ms. Socorro Guico

James Duran

Geneca Yambao 

Kiel Mamauag

Darlene Webb Zshornack and Family 

Lulu Romero 

Cap Luz Bagalacsa 

Deejaye Cuadrado

Margareth Lim - Pateña

Maria Genalyn Bolintiam

Ardan Arcega 

Sony Music Philippines

ABS-CBN Star Magic


Ben&Ben - Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay | Official Lyric Video

Juan Miguel Severo explains the meaning of Ben&Ben and KathNiel Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay Music Video


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