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Top Youtube Channel Creator Tips for 2021 | Feat. Annoying Orange, MadeYewLook, GaryVee, LexiVee03, and more!

Check out these YouTube Creators' top tips for YOUR channel in 2021. You'll hear from Molly Burke, ItsYeBoi, Clean My Space, Annoying Orange, Gary Vee, OffbeatLook, LexiVee03, Nathan Zed, and MadeYewLook. For background on the making of this video, check out the blog post from Matt, YouTube 

Hope these Creator tips are helpful, good luck as you create content for 2021. What are your top tips and goals for the new year? Share your thoughts below.

To help you venture into 2021, Youtube Creators asked a few really succesful youtube channel creators for one piece of advise for your channel. 

Here's what they had to say:

1. Pre-film your content

2. Stick to schedule

3. Be consistent

4. Get others involved

5. Don't put yourself in a box

6. Don't take the comments for granted

7. Think about others and how you want to influence their life

8.  Find balance

9. Think big

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