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Youtube Channel | New Year, New Possibilities | A new year to bring your ideas to life!

A new year to bring your ideas to life!
Planner with highlighter for new year goal setting
2021 is finally here. Now's the time to take a fresh look at your youtube channel. There are countless ways to shake things up. Check out your guide for creative inspiration.

Tips to Unleash Your Creative Potential
If you're looking for ways to stand out this year, then the Making Creative Changes course is your go-to guide. Follow these tips to get your ideas flowing.
Change up how you brainstorm: Seek inspiration in new spaces and fresh experiences - like a morning walk or swapping your music playlists.
Remix the hits: Tweak or reimagine existing trends or content series to provide a fresh take on an old topic.
Let your data guide you: Review your performance data in YouTube Analytics to get a sense of your audience's evolving tastes and use Google Trends to view search interest!
YouTube Trends Report
Take an interactive journey into ridiculous self-haircuts, communal watchalongs, and all the content that connected us last year. The YouTube Trends Report will challenge everything you know about what happened on the internet!
January Creator Spotlight
If one of your New Year's resolutions is to prepare healthier meals, then Imamu Room is your inspiration. Watch as she prepares delicious Japanese bento boxes for her family. 🤤
In case you missed it
Need more inspiration to get creatively unstuck? See how former comedy creator turned YouTube employee, Matt Koval, ventured into new genres to get fresh ideas.
We all know there's no secret to creativity, but with a little experimentation, you can confidently push your channel to new heights.

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