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Batangas Port Crew Change Procedure, Guide and Requirements [2021] | Seafarers Replacement

Batangas Port Crew Change - Establishment of a Seafarer Crew Replacement Hub at the Port of Batangas

Update as of 11 August 2021


We regret to inform you that we will be conducting  an increase of rate for crew change to be put into effect on August 15, 2021. Please see attached for the new rates. We have of course tried everything we can to avoid a price increase, but unfortunately  due to the impact of high Inflation rate , we need to cope with the our high operational expenses .We would like to apologize in advance for any problems that the price increase may cause. Sedar Tug Services Corp. is committed to offering you the quality service you expect and deserve.

Thina Aquino
Marketing Manager - SEDAR Tug Services Corp.


Update as of 22 July 2021

Border control requirements being implemented by Batangas LGU.

Guidelines for Entering Batangas City - Office of the City Mayor Executive Order

Update as of 13 May 2021

Department of Transportation Notice re RT-PCR Registration of Arriving Seafarers in Ports of Manila, Bataan and Batangas dated 12 May 2021
Department of Transportation Notice re RT-PCR Registration of Arriving Seafarers in Ports of Manila, Bataan and Batangas dated 12 May 2021

Update as of 12 May 2021

Watch the above video related to the One Stop Shop (OSS) Coordination Meeting Agenda: New guidelines concerning ship manning agents / agencies and Filipino seafarers.

1. Implementation of IATF Resolution 114  (7th Day Swab; 9th day release of Results: 10th Day release of Pax to LGUs)

2. International Arrival Capacity for MIAA, Cebu and Clark

3. One Hotel Command

4. and e-CIF Concerns / Health Declaration Registration - an online platform of One Stop Shop (OSS) for the registration and administration of Returning Overseas Filipinos and other persons for CoVID-19 testing and response.

Update as of 05 May 2021




DATE : 05 May 2021

This is with reference to the guidance of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and announcement of First Aide Diagnostics (FAD) regarding the depletion of the initially allocated Bayanihan 2 Funds for the free testing of Filipino offsigners.

It is noted by PPA that the FAD remains to be its authorized molecular laboratory for Filipino offsigners. Furthermore, please be informed that this Department is currently working on the extension of the free testing services through the utilization of the remaining Bayanihan 2 Funds allocated to the Maritime Sector.

In view of the foregoing, kindly advise the shipping agents and licensed manning agencies operating within Bataan, Manila, and Batangas to negotiate the payment terms with FAD meantime the transfer of additional funds for the free testing is being processed. All Filipino offsigners, arriving either via sea or air, can still avail of the free testing until funds under Bayanihan 2 is fully depleted or until 30 June 2021, whichever comes first.

Please be guided accordingly.

Assistant Secretary for Maritime
cc: Office of the Secretary, This Department

As mentioned in a Pre-Operations Meeting before conducting crew change.
Planned Crew Change: Sta. Clara Port Batangas - at Anchorage

This video is for reference only - to guide shipping agents, manning agents and crew handling agents on conducting seafarers (crew) replacement at Batangas Port during "new normal" situation (COVID19 time).

Important Note: Information stated and discussed on this video is updated as of March 1, 2021. Situation keeps on changing and procedures and requirements for crew change at Batangas Port keeps on changing. Please don't forget to coordinate with related government agencies for updated and most recent developments.

Batangas Port Crew Change - Establishment of a Seafarer Crew Replacement Hub at the Port of Batangas
Testing of the operation protocols in preparation for the activation of crew change hub located at Batangas Port. 

Crew Change Procedure:

Step 1: Online submission of Letter of Intent for crew change* at least five (5) working days addressed to:

    Port Manager, Port Management Office - Batangas
    Port Access Rd., Calicanto, Batangas City

        * to be submitted in the following email addresses:


Step 2: Attend the online pre-operations meeting with One-Stop-Shop concerned agencies. Meeting ID and password will be provided to applicant.

Step 3: If there is no valid Permit to Operate (PTO) yet, application can be filed through online in the Center 11032 ( for the following:

    1. PTO for shipping agent and/or manning agency with the following requirements:

        a. PPA Accreditation
        b. Application for PTO Ancillary Services

    2. PTO for ferry boat to be used in the crew change with the following requirements:

        a. PPA Accreditation
        b. MARINA Permit
        c. Application for PTO Ancillary Services

Step 4: Online filing of Notice of Arrival (NOA) and Application for Berth/Anchorage (ABA) thru iPORTS ( Ship agent will proceed to Marine

    Section to present the following:

        a. Entrance documents (coasting manifest,
        b. International Tonnage Certificate,
        c. International Ship Security Certificate,
        d. Master’s Oath of Safe Departure (domestic),
        e. crew list,
        f. ship particulars

Step 5: Once PTOs (ship agent/manning agency/water taxi) are secured, submit details of vehicle/s (should be owned or registered to ship agent/manning agency, otherwise a separate PTO shall be secured) to enter the port for the point-to-point transport of vessel crew to the following numbers: OSS

    Batangas Secretariat: 09239097549
    ATI Batangas: 09985924202

Step 6: Once crew change is done, filing of vessel clearance in Marine Section with the following requirements:

    a. Certificate of Services Rendered from SRF service provider,
    b. Pilotage Service Rendered Certificate,
    c. Evaluation of Pilot.

Step 7: Vessel Departure

    Important Notice: This excludes the requirements and procedures of other agencies involved in the crew change. Applicant is advised to secure their respective requirements.


Useful Link:

Appointments which are requested less than 24 hours before the embarkation or disembarkation of seafarers will automatically be denied. Ensure the correctness and completeness of the submitted documents on your confirmed appointment schedule, otherwise, you will be required to request another appointment.

For Bureau of Quarantine Requirements, please secure the following:

Embarking Crew:

    1. Certificate of Containment c/o Facility Quarantine/Hotel

    2. RT-PCR Test Result

    3. Health Declaration Form 

1. Is the quarantine facility for OFF-SIGNERS has to be in Batangas or it could be in Manila?

    Hotel/quarantine facility can be in Batangas or Manila. 

2. Is there a confirmatory swab testing for ON-SIGNERS upon their arrival in Batangas? 

    Swab Test results are valid for 72 hours only. In the event that it exceeds that timeframe, another swab test result shall be performed.


    Bureau of Quarantine

    Batangas Station

    1350 NR Bonifacio St.

    Sta. Clara, Batangas City

    (043) 702-3298

Summary of Requirements to be submitted to Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)

  1. RT-PCR Test for Joiners
  2. Letter from Company to BOQ requesting to transfer of disembarking crew members to mandatory quarantine facility while waiting for facilitation of RT-PCR Test.
  3. Immigration Clearance of both On-signers & Off-signers (Filipinos)
  4. Crew List
  5. International Tonnage Certificate
  6. Boarding Clearance
  7. BOC Clearance
  8. Free Pratique granted 


- Item 1-6 will be arranged and sent by Manning Agency

- Item 7 & 8 will be submitted by boarding officer / local agent after entrance/clearance boarding formalities

Some issues for the crew change to be considered:

1. Crew change schedule is limited within 0600H-1800H only, wherein it should be finished within the allotted time.

2. Timing depends on ATIB vessel's line-up, whether there's ahead vessel or not, This can be determined by constant coordination with PPA by the crew handling agent.

Useful Government Contact Details in Batangas Port:

    PMO Batangas:


    Harbor and Marine PMO Batangas:



    Bureau of Immigration Batangas:

    OWWA Region 4:

    Philippine Coastguard Batangas:


Below is the OSS pre-operations data matrix. The details indicated herewith are needed to be submitted prior to the required virtual meeting (Pre-Operations Meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams) before conducting crew change at Batangas.


Date and Time of Pre-Operations Meeting

Name of Vessel

Intended Port of Call

Sta.Clara, Batangas

Purpose of Call

Crew Change

Date and Time of Crew Change

Ship Agent

Name of Agent

Contact No. of Agent


Date of Validity

Water Taxi

Name of Water Taxi to be Used

Contact No. of Water Taxi Operator


Date of Validity


Number of Filipino Crew

Number of Foreign Crew



Name of Quarantine Facility

Address of Quarantine Facility

Name of Molecular Laboratory

Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory

Address of Molecular Laboratory

Domestic Rd, Pasay, Metro Manila

Date Swabbed

February 24, 2021


Number of Filipino Crew

Number of Foreign Crew



Name of Quarantine Facility

c/o OWWA Team Hotel

Address of Quarantine Facility

c/o OWWA Team Hotel

Name of Molecular Laboratory

FirstAide Diagnostic

Address of Molecular Laboratory

Gate 6, Bonifacio Dr, Port Area, Maynila, Kalakhang Maynila

Date of Swabbing

5th day of isolation

Plate Number and Type of Vehicle for Point-to-Point Transport of Seafarers

Name of Driver

Accomplished by: Date Accomplished:

__________________________ __________________

Name, Position and Signature 



Brgy. Santa Clara Port of Batangas

Photos Taken 03 March 2021

One Stop Shop (OSS) Office in Batangas Port - Terminal III
One Stop Shop (OSS) Office in Batangas Port - Terminal III

All joining seafarers must pass thru the One Stop Shop (OSS) Office located at the Batangas Port Terminal 3. 

Inside the One Stop Shop (OSS) Office - Dedicated for conducting crew change for seafarers at the Batangas Port
Inside the One Stop Shop (OSS) Office - Dedicated for conducting crew change for seafarers at the Batangas Port 

Seafarers in full PPE suit undergoing profiling for crew change at Batangas Port
Joining Crew (seafarers profiling) at the OSS office - Batangas Port

Seafarer in full PPE suit undergoing interview before joining ship at Batangas Port
Seafarers' profiling at the OSS office as part of the crew change procedure before joining ship at Batangas Port

Canine security dog assisted by security personnel sniffing baggage lined up in the street  at Batangas Port
Canine dogs checking baggage of seafarers as part of security check during crew change at Batangas Port 

security personnel inspecting baggage of joining seafarers at Batangas Port
Mandatory baggage inspection as part of the crew change procedure at Batangas Port

Joining seafarers in full PPE crew change filling up forms at Batangas Port
Joining crew filling-up Health Declaration Form as part of the procedure before boarding the vessel at Batangas Port

tugboat water taxi at Batangas port with waiting seafarers in full PPE
SEDAR Tugboat (water taxi) used to transport joining seafarers to vessel at anchorage

UPDATE as of 16 December 2020

Click to download and view the following files:

1. Department of Transportation (DOTr) Crew Change Protocol of Port of Batangas in Response to COVID-19 dated 9 December 2020

2. Provincial Government of Batangas Provincial Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease Resolution No. 22 Series of 2020 re Resolution Conforming to the Updated Crew Change Protocol of the Port of Batangas in response to COVID-19 and the Establishment of a One-Stop Shop for Seafarers as Presented by the Department of Transportation dated 14 December 2020

3. Department of Transportation (DOTr) Memorandum re Activation of Batangas as a Crew Change Hub dated 15 December 2020

4. Philippine Green Lane One-Stop Shops (OSS) for Seafarers Organizational Structure and Focal Persons

The MARINA Regional Office IV joined the coordination meeting and ocular inspection conducted today, 25 November 2020. This is in line with the establishment of a crew change hub at the Port of Batangas. 

Present during the event was DOTr OIC-Assistant Secretary for Maritime VADM Narciso A Vingson Jr, together with the Port Manager of Batangas, Joselito O. Sinocruz, PhD. Inquiries on the operational requirements for the location of the crew change hub were just a few of the concerns that were tackled during the meeting. 

The activation of crew change hubs all over the Philippines is in response to the direction of DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade to provide maritime vessels the avenue to refresh their manpower, especially given the current situation and the array of health and safety restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Source: Maritime Industry Authority Facebook Page


Background Information:

The National Government, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Batangas, formally activated the Batangas Crew Change Hub and One-Stop-Shop (OSS) to facilitate the movement of international-going seafarers and vessels. Batangas will join the Manila South Harbor, the Port Capinpin in Orion, Bataan, and Sasa Wharf in Davao as Crew Change Hubs under the auspices of the Philippine Ports Authority.

DOTr ASec. for Maritime Narciso Vingson Jr. also directed the OSS member agencies headed by PPA Batangas, Bureau of Immigration, the Maritime Industry Authority, the Philippine Coast Guard and the Bureau of Quarantine, among others, to immediately activate their respective offices in time for the expected first client in the next couple of days. The National Government has been busy looking for ways amid the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide secured and safety access not only Filipino seafarers but all seafarers of any nationality provided their vessel chooses the Philippines as their hub for their crew change activities.

Posted: 18 December 2020 | Retrieved: 10 February 2021


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