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Trending Video: Latest Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series [2021] Lockdown Relationship LDR | First Date | Hero

In every Kwentong Jollibee story, we try to impart the very powerful essence na kung baga may mapupulot ka ring aral or inspiration.

Campaign Spotlight: Jollibee reminds everyone to #FindStrengthInLove in latest Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

Jollibee is proving yet again that love reigns in February with the latest Kwentong Jollibee Valentines series in collaboration with McCann Worldgroup Philippines and Unitel X Straightshooters. This year, they bring back Pepe Diokno, director of “Date” and “Apart”, and Ianco dela Cruz, director of “Vow” and #CoupleGoals.

FIRST EPISODE: Lockdown Relationship LDR

The video, titled "LDR", was directed by 2020 MMFF Best Director Antoinette Jadaone so you're in for some hugot and kilig. 

With an overarching theme to “Find Strength in Love,” this year’s episodes are nothing short of charming, relatable, and like their predecessors, grounded on truth well told.

Inspired by a true story, the video shows the struggles of a couple who ends up in an unintentional long distance relationship (LDR)—rather, lockdown relationship—because of the pandemic. (Raise your hand if you're experiencing this rn!)

Storytelling during a pandemic - Love in the time of corona: Jollibee targets lockdown-wary Filipinos with new 'heartwarming' video ads

“During the pandemic, mas na-intensify yung feelings of wanting to connect and reconnect together that’s why we watched a lot of series during the lockdown, nauso yung BL (Boys’ Love) and I think it will have that effect… Parang art kept us alive in these times.” - LDR Director

While love is expected of every Valentines series, the LDR director added that what made the difference this year is that Jollibee adapted to the climate and conditions happening around and the kinds of relationships that have transpired of current.

Trending Video: Latest Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series [2021] Lockdown Relationship LDR | First Date | Hero

Video on-demand on the rise - Stay tuned for two more films in the #KwentongJollibee Valentine series! Catch the second and third episode, "First Date" directed by Pepe Diokno and "Hero" directed by Ianco Dela Cruz 

SECOND EPISODE - Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2021: First Date

The second commercial in the #KwentongJollibee series has officially released — called First Date—and it is pure wholesome content in the most unexpected way. You can watch the video above - as helmed by acclaimed director Pepe Diokno.

Kwentong Jollibee

This commercial is like a warm hug from you to yourself. There's no doubt a lot of people have been looking for someone to connect with while on lockdown, but hey, here's a reminder to love yourself first. And TBH, we're hoping this starts an awesome "first date" trend indeed.

Diokno explained that the short story was filmed with a crew full of women—right in line with the perspective of Mara, the commercial's main character. They all "had a lot of input" that helped the story come to life. "It's just so refreshing," said the director in a press conference about this romantic-with-a-twist commercial. "The story is just so real and relatable," he added.

Diokno has worked on several commercials for Jollibee before—including the absolute tearjerker Date. Remember the one about the son taking instructions from his late father on a special date night for his mom? Yup, that was a completely different take on the "date" but was also by Diokno. 

And as for a seemingly lighter take for this year's #KwentongJollibee, Diokno had this to say: "I think we can all agree na after 2020 we all just want a lighter, happier 2021." It was definitely some much-needed good vibes! 

THIRD EPISODE - Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2021: Hero

When you're at your lowest, can you count on love when everything seems hopeless? #KwentongJollibee​ #FindStrengthInLove

The third Kwentong Jollibee short, “Hero” is directed by Ianco dela Cruz, who also directed the popular “Vow” and “Choice” videos. The short which premiered this Friday, February 12 at 6PM is consistent with this year’s theme of “Finding strength in love.”

The story followed a physically active and athletic young woman who looks up to his father as her hero. When her father tested positive for Covid-19, her boyfriend gave her the strength to cope with her personal predicament.

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