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Nakatagong Paraiso Camping and Hiking at Real Quezon - Finding Something Magical from the Hidden

nakatagong paraiso river flowing camping

We all need a dose of nature from time to time. We all agree that being with nature is good for the mind and body, hence we all missed the outdoors especially after the long months of quarantine. We long for the soothing sound of streams and rivers and to reconnect with nature. Months of lockdown surely does have negative effect to our body and mental health. To stay sane, many has found a newest preoccupation: growing plants indoors - which gave rise to the Filipino 'Plantito' and 'Plantita' - a 'new normal way' to be with nature. But still, nothing beats getting back to the great outdoors like going on camping or hiking.

Recently, some travel restrictions in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces have loosened and many are itching to travel, whether to get a break from life at home or to reconnect with nature again. Many places near Metro Manila are declared open for tourism and the restrictive travel requirements, such as travel authority and medical clearance, are no longer being required. However, while the possibility to go out more now can feel particularly exciting, it's still critical to take precautions to prevent needing to lock down again. [Note: We visited Nakatagong Paraiso last February 27-28]

couple inside tent looking at outside view camping beside river
Our 5-star hotel room - relaxing inside our tent

With this slightly positive development, I immediately check out safe camping areas near Metro Manila. I did some quick research on posts in backpacking groups and pages in Facebook offering best spots and destinations for camping near Manila. Though hotels and resorts seem like the perfect getaway, I feel like camping and hiking makes me feel closer to nature and is more immersive in experiencing the great outdoors. 

nakatagong paraiso riverside camping Real Quezon
Nakatagong Paraiso in Real Quezon 
Image Credits: Nakatagong Paraiso Facebook Page

Luckily I discovered Nakatagong Paraiso in Real, Quezon.

Quick Review:

  • Established camp site
  • Relatively flat and even camp ground
  • Views are nice, with close proximity to the river
  • Safe campsite, with electricity and lampposts
  • Good for pets
  • Caretaker/Owner is very accommodating 


common comfort rooms and shower rooms at nakatagong paraiso real quezon
Common comfort rooms and shower rooms

There are available common comfort rooms and shower rooms - but please take note - you go there for camping & backpacking so don't expect much. This is not a luxury resort.

River Camping at Nakatagong Paraiso

Nakatagong Paraiso Real Quezon clean river flower
Enchanting river at the Nakatagong Paraiso

Tucked away in a haven of mountains and greeneries in Sitio Tipuan Brgy. Maragondon Real Quezon, you will discover a tranquil green camping paradise near a clear soulful river called Nakatagong Paraiso or "Secret Paradise". True to its name - it is just a 25 to 30 minutes walk from the main highway where you can also safely park your car. 

girl backpacker walking on a lovely path along nature greeneries
Lovely path along wild greeneries going to the campsite

carabao swimming pool beside a bahay kubo
Along the path you will also notice this lovely scene - a small bahay kubo with swimming pool (for the carabaos) - Oh di ba, buti pa kalabaw may sariling swimming pool! Mapapa "sana all" ka na lang.

The main narrow path is paved, cutting through beautiful wild countryside bushes under towering coconut trees - hence the descending walk going to the campsite is already a pleasant welcome to get energized by nature. 

girl backpacker passing hanging bridge
This is a perfect spot for a selfie. Take your time!

To add a little excitement, you will pass by a charming hanging bridge - a perfect spot for your selfie collection.

After around around 25 minutes of walking you will be welcome by a calming river and its campsite. If you are not into tent pitching, you can rent some of the "kubos" where you can stay. Please see the end part of the this post for the rental rates.

camping tents at the riverbanks Nakatagong Paraiso Real Quezon
Lawn like campground at the riverbank makes it very suitable for pitching tents .

girl camper having coffee beside the river tent camping
A perfect morning coffee

girl camper working from tent while camping with two little cute dogs
This is also a perfect place to bring your fur babies. The place also has a strong network signal so you will never miss out if you need to work - level up your work-from-home to work-from-tent.


Blessed with the beauty of nature, this camping destination is perfect for swimming, family bonding, overnight tent camping and short hiking or even bonfire activities and horseback riding.

Outdoor games like volleyball and badminton sepak at iba pang larong pinoy like luksong baka , agawang base piko,...

Posted by Nakatagong Paraiso on Friday, March 19, 2021

The place is also perfect for outdoor games like volleyball and badminton. Located in splendid countryside setting in a wide lawnlike riverbank, the place is also perfect for playing our old traditional Filipino childhood games such as luksong baka, luksong tinik, agawang base and other fun group games.

Quick Reminders:

  • Consider others when selecting your site. Don't crowd other campers unless positively no other choice exists. Also: Don't plunk down your tent in a spot that spoils a view that other people came to see.
  • Better limit your videoke session at nighttime. Be mindful of other campers who wants to have a good night rest. Most people go on camping to be with nature and temporarily escape city noise.

girl sitting beside a clear river with nipa hut at the back
Sa ilog, Ang mundo'y tahimik


Nakatagong Paraiso is NOT Tala Amara Resort

How ironic this is just to inform you guys .. to avoid confusion .. well anyway thank you for coming and staying...

Posted by Nakatagong Paraiso on Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Take a Short Hike, Chase Waterfalls

For hiking enthusiasts who are looking for a bit of quick adventure, you can also schedule a half-day hike going to the waterfalls. For experienced hiker, it is just a minor 45-minute hike going to the waterfalls. Just make sure you have a local guide with you since the waterfalls is set in forested area and quite hard to find.

girls hiking muddy and full of stones trails
Some ascending part of the trails going to the waterfalls

girl hikers river crossing
There are several river crossings going to the waterfalls

I would also NOT recommend it for kids since the trail includes at least five river crossings. Although the trail is mostly flat, there are also steep and slippery parts specially when trailing along the river. Also some areas are muddy because the established trail is also a common pathway for horses carrying farm produce such as coconuts and pineapples - so make sure to wear good hiking footwear.

girl drinking in a natural drinking water fountain in the forest
Don't worry you will not get thirsty

Perfectly set midway is a "kubo" where you can take a quick rest or have a refreshing cold drink straight from a natural drinking water source.

magical river waterfalls greeneries forest
Truly captivating scenery going to the waterfalls

The quick hike itself is refreshing and a perfect way to be with nature - a perfect chance to see wild flowers and ferns, walk along towering coconut trees, hear the sound of wild birds and get energized on river crossings. You might also get a chance to see wild monkeys playing on the branches of wild trees.

secret waterfalls or talon at Nakatagong Paraiso Real Quezon
There is truly something magical from the hidden

The first waterfalls is not that high, but it has a really wide catch basin - like a really wide natural swimming pool - where you can cool down, swim, and just chill out. I took a glimpse of a second higher waterfalls just at the back of the first one - probably a second tier or maybe this is a series of waterfalls - but we decided not to explore it further because going there requires a bit of rock climbing. 

couple enjoying waterfalls at Nakatagong Paraiso Real Quezon
Truly a lovely secret paradise - no crowds, just us.

cliff jumping at the waterfalls
Lower cliff jumping area. There are other higher areas where you can jump, if you are brave enough.

You can also do some cliff jumping at the main catch basin - if you are really a good swimmer. Be extra brave because you cannot see the bottom of the pool giving the impression that it is really deep and will make you a bit nervous. True enough and according to our guide, some locals already tried to dive into the bottom but nobody ever reach or touch the bottom yet. 

Also, our guide recounted that this waterfalls was used to be a famous local swimming destination. There used to be a lovely bamboo raft you can ride to go near the waterfalls but it was already destroyed by the recent typhoons. 

open air toilet bowl in the middle of the forest
The perfect spot to "Commune with Nature"

Evidently, there is a toilet bowl nearby being used by visitors, but is now already unusable.

In this quick adventure, we chased this magical waterfalls and there is absolutely a different fulfillment when you become one with nature. The more we get to expose ourselves with nature, the more we want to do this over and over again. 

Taking this quick hike is surely an added adventure on your visit to Nakatagong Paraiso - ensuring this overnight short stint is extra memorable. Undoubtedly, something magical is hidden here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to spend our weekend on this beautiful river is truly a time well-spent and it reminded me that embarking on a relaxing nature adventure need not be complicated. 

Truly, there is something magical from the hidden.


Nakatagong Paraiso



Hindi na aabot sa baba ng Real Proper. Nasa bandang bundok lang. Pag dating ng Maragondon covered court ipagtanong nyo lang kung nasan yun tindahan na may Smart Padala. 

Netwok Signal

Strong 4G signal. You can play mobile legends, do Facebook Live, or work-from-tent.


volleyball and badminton (volleyball/badminton net is available, but bring your own ball / badminton, swimming, hiking, tent camping, videoke session. 


As posted in Nakatagong Paraiso Facebook Page

Posted by Nakatagong Paraiso on Friday, March 26, 2021


  • 30.00 Pesos per head


  • 1,000 Pesos for 24hrs. Good for 3-5 persons (1 family)

includes free beddings, free lutuan sa kahoy and open access to common Comfort Rooms / Shower Rooms

  • 500 pesos for day tour rent.

REST HOUSE (two storey) 

  • 2,000 Pesos for 24hrs  good for 10-15 persons (2-3 families)

free beddings, two storey with gasul inside, heater at ihawan na de kuryente

with dining & kitchen inside * with CR & videoke inside

NEW REST HOUSE - Chalet Ananda

Newly built rest house located in Nakatagong Paraiso, Sitio Tipuan, Brgy. Maragondon, Real, Quezon.

Our humble home awaits you in the humble town of Real, offering an experience that will take you back when life was simpler.

☑️Nature’s view and fresh air


☑️Minor climb/hiking spot

☑️Clean drinking water from Bukal/Spring

☑️Kubo (Chalet Ananda & Casa Mikaela) good for 15pax each

☑️Private Restroom

☑️Coffee corner


☑️Kitchen utensils


For advanced bookings, please contact NANAY BABY

Contact details: 09383473275 / 09077669764


Contact details: 09294297474


  • 200 Pesos per tent 


  • 75 Pesos per hammock 


  • 300 Pesos - small good for 3-5 persons (1 family)


  • 800 Pesos for 24hrs


  • 150 Pesos


  • 500 Pesos for tour guide 


  • 200 Pesos ready made 


  • 100 Pesos per night


  • 100 Pesos


  • 200 Pesos


Call or send direct message on the number below for more assistance like weather check, advance booking, etc.


Mobile Numbers: 09383473275, 09077669764, 09759642158

You may also contact the following via Facebook & e-mail:

Lovelyn Sanchez Damaso

Florens Francia Sanchez ll 

Bebe Sanchez


IMPORTANT NOTE: The place may be suddenly closed to camping due to current COVID19 situation which is constantly changing. Know the local updated travel guidelines and requirements and contact your travel organizer or the above contact persons before going to Nakatagong Paraiso.

Above information are correct at the time of posting. In case there will be new and latest information, I will try to update this post.

This is based on my personal experiences and observations and not in any way related to the Owner, marketing or anybody who have business interest in Nakatagong Paraiso.



  1. Even when hiking over a mountain, there is always the risk that a broken chunk of mountainous terrain might fall right on top of you, and your helmet will protect your head from damage. Hiking gears

  2.  Tents have ventilation, air conditioner and heating equipment needed a party comfortable, whether it be summer, early spring/late fall day or cold days.


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