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What To Do When COVID Hits HOME: Solutions For The Current SURGE - Free Webinar [PGH - Philippines]

FREE Webinar/Talk via Zoom: What To Do When CoVID Hits Home: Solutions For The Current Surge [Philippines] by Dr. Anna Lisa T. Ong-Lim, MD - Professor and Division Chief, Infections and Tropical Disease Dept. of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Arranged by Santuario de San Antonio Parish. With the alarming spike of COVID19 cases in the Philippines, the concerns for our front liners, and the possibility of being faced with the lack of hospital beds, this talk on home care for our loved ones with low risk, suspected or confirmed COVID19 infection is really very timely and relevant. This talk also tackles how we can prevent the spread of infection and protect ourselves in our homes as we support a care for our loved ones while in quarantine or isolation. It also covers suggestions on what we need to prepare for our home care kit, how we can do proper monitoring and the danger signs to watch out for. Dr. Ong also share tips on how to provide good home care for our family as well as how to protect ourselves. 


0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:11 Understanding the Current Context & Statistics

0:12:00 Home care for COVID patients

0:17:17 Is home set up appropriate?

0:28:23 Suggestions for Home Care Kit

0:33:16 When to seek emergency medical attention.

0:34:35 Metro Manila COVID Hotlines

0:36:53 Conclusions

0:38:10 Question & Answer

0:38:12 About COVID Vaccines

0:36:19 Can COVID patients isolated in same room?

0:42:56 Is home care better than in hospital corridor?

0:44:12 Vaccine & planning for pregnancy

0:46:21 Ivermectin Issue

0:50:07 How reliable is RT-PCR Test?

0:57:26 Tested Positive after vaccine First Dose

1:07:33 Assurance that patient is no longer contagious

1:08:57 About SINOVAC

1:11:40 About Astrazeneca

1:14:06 Use of Throat Spray/Gargle

1:16:34 About the DOH trust issue

1:22:36 Vaccine & People with Comorbidities or Pre-existing Conditions

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