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Top 10 Most Visited Destinations in SOCCSKSARGEN [SOX Philippines Travel, Tourism & Backpacking Guide]

Dream about this pristine getaway where local culture is woven into nature. Unravel tradition and get a glimpse of what it's like to live life in SOCCSKSARGEN. 

When one thinks about the southernmost provinces of the Philippines, images of white sand beaches, scenic lakes, and exhilarating paragliding are perhaps the things that come to mind. You'll discover just that when you delve into Region 12's tucked-away treasures.

Region 12 - SOCCSKSARGEN, locally known as SOX, consists of the provinces of South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos City - a unified force with redefined geographical boundaries and economic borders. The SOX or SOCCSKSARGEN Region is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions in the country. 

SOX Tourism Circuits
SOX Tourism Circuits

A total of 45 towns and cities make up the region's four provinces, five cities, and a slew of excellent tourism sites. There are many, many more locations to visit in SOX, and here are the top 10 most visited places in SOX:



The buzz is real! It's a paradise found.

SOCCSKSARGEN(SOX) Region sees a 240.15% rise in same-day visitors and a 51.84% increase in overnight visitors over the arrival data for 2020.

Visitor numbers in the region have increased because of newly opened tourist locations and relaxed COVID-19 IATF requirements.

1. GLAN, Sarangani Province

Same-Day Arrival: 700, 908
Overnight Arrival: 130, 140

GLAN, Sarangani Province Tourist Arrival Data

Glan, dubbed the “Boracay of the South” due to its pristine white-sand beaches, was one of the top tourist destinations in Soccsksargen.

The Sarangani Bay Festival, a three-day annual beach party last hosted by the town in 2019, attracts as many as over 100,000 tourists from various parts of the country. The Sarangani Bay Festival or Sarbay Fest, the largest beach party in the Philippines, is hosted every year on beautiful white-sand beaches near Glan.

Aside from its beaches, Glan, which celebrated its centennial year in 2014, also offers a glimpse of its historic past through its well-preserved century-old ancestral houses.

In October 2021, the National Quincentennial Commission unveiled a historical landmark near the shores of Barangay Batulaki, Glan to commemorate the passage in the area 500 years ago of the surviving crew of the Magellan-Elcano expedition.

Featured on this Video:

  • BelMar EcoPark
  • Hacienda Don Juan
  • Rospea Cove Resort
  • PhilRose Beach
  • Belimac Sumbang Point
  • Anvy Resort
  • InstaGlan Macatimbol Beach
  • Marian Beach
  • Kamari Resort &Hotel
  • King James White Cove Beach
  • White Haven Beach Resort
  • Rosal Beach Resort
  • Coco Beach Resort
  • Morales Beach
  • Isla Jardin Del Mar
  • Bai Resort
  • Libuton Beach Cove
  • Ireneo Salmon Beach
  • Tonga Lim Siao Sr. Beach
  • Rich Blue Lagoon
  • Burias White Sand Beaches (Kingkim, Malingkat, Burias Crystal Shore & Salisipan Point View)
  • Raid Music

You've probably noticed a number of discussions about Burias in your social media feed recently. Its enticing white sand beach and endless horizon of crystal blue ocean may have taken your breath away in one way or another.

This stretch of immaculate tropical haven in Glan, Sarangani Province is definitely worth the attention it is getting. Its beauty is stunningly charming. A paradise you definitely need to set foot in.

Glan is the oldest town in Sox Region. A first-class municipality in the Province of Sarangani. Dubbed as the white sand jewel of the South and topped third as the Most Visited Tourist Destination in the region. 

Saranggani Beach Tours
Saranggani Beach Tours

The lovely town of Glan in Sarangani Province has no shortage of stunning beaches to visit. Indulge yourself in the tan-worthy and crystal clear beaches. Experience appetizing food and enjoy exciting beach activities in Glan. The alluring town of Glan, Sarangani is truly blessed with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Philippines. 

Take a look at Bai Resort and Restaurant, one of the town's newest beach attractions. This humble yet sophisticated resort is located in Brgy. Cablalan provides its guests with well-deserved rest and relaxation in their immaculately clean and comfortable rooms, as well as a breathtaking view of the beach.

Also, take Belimac Sumbang Point Beach as an example. Its verdant rugged cliffside, white sand beach, and overall raw, unspoiled beauty rival that of the country's premier beach destinations. What's more interesting is the beauty below its crystal, blue water which holds a vast expanse of flourishing exotic marine life.

Vibrant history

While the quaint and serene town of Glan in Sarangani Province is renowned for its white sand and pristine beaches,  it also holds a rich and vibrant history with it. From the iconic heritage house to the contemporary, rainforest-styled restaurant, rooms created from recycled materials, and posh and futuristic lodgings, one can't help but admire these infrastructures.

Far more than having an amazing beach for everyone's delight, Hacienda Don Juan is also characterized by a strong architectural style in its themed accommodation, restaurant, and other resort structures.

The notable number of Spanish and American-era ancestral houses reflects the great historic legacy in Glan. And amid these significant residences, the Ruiz Family House stood out as it is not simply an ordinary house.

Today, the humble abode has been transformed into a beautiful museum that houses family heirlooms and artifacts, various art pieces, and historic items which have been gathered and treasured by the household since the patriarch Don Tranquilino Bartido Ruiz' family collected them from various travels in the Philippines and abroad as well as the gifts from various local and foreign dignitaries.

Welcome to the sky!

You are not bound to one source of bliss. Rather, your bliss is limitless. You can experience the state of bliss from a limitless variety of activities in Sarangani Province! 

Tag your squad and go camping!

Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge welcomes you for another memorable moment communing with nature. Elevate your outdoor camping experience in this highland paradise located in Malungon, Sarangani Province. Its cool climate, fresh pine air, and the gorgeous view of the mountain ridges add up to an unforgettable time with family and friends. 

Check out more of Glan, Sarangani Province on their official Tourism Facebook Page

Or send an e-mail at

2.  LAKE SEBU, South Cotabato

Same-Day Arrival: 468, 723

Overnight Arrival: 57, 978

LAKE SEBU, South Cotabato Tourist arrivals

In the town nicknamed the "Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao," visitors can enjoy a year-round cool climate, seven waterfalls (including the 7 Falls Zipline Adventure), Tnalak weaving, the Tboli tribe, and three lakes (Lake Sebu, Lake Lahit, and Lake Seloton). In 2013, Lake Sebu was included in a list of the Philippines' top 10 rising tourist spots.

Land of the Dreamweavers - all your grandest experience in just one place.

Tourists can relax in the serenity of Lake Sebu's lush greenery, rolling hills and beautiful lake-side scenery, which is located on the border of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato. Around 702 square kilometers in area, Lake Sebu is home to three large lakes as well as numerous rivers and springs, caves as well as a thriving wildlife and bird population. It is known for its rich tilapia aquaculture, as well as its even richer cultural heritage, as preserved by the indigenous tribes such as the T’boli, who continue to live and prosper in the area.

At Lake Sebu, visitors can engage in a wide range of activities to learn about Philippine culture and history while also appreciating the heritage and natural wonders that the local people cherish and work hard to maintain and develop.

Lake Sebu is an important watershed in the Philippines, providing irrigation to the provinces of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato in addition to being a popular tourist destination in Mindanao.

Here’s a quick fact to take with you:

Among the 12 islets located on Sebu Lake is Tegaya Island, recognized by the locals for its history. The island was once a burial ground of the T’boli, though it is no longer in use for this purpose.  

Lake Sebu Tourist Spots

Lake Sebu Mindanao is a municipality in South Cotabato, not just a body of water. It's true that Lake Sebu is home to a slew of picturesque tourist attractions and exhilarating Lake Sebu activities. Here are the famous tourist destinations and backpacking spots you can visit:

  1. Seven waterfalls
  2. Lake Seloton
  3. Lake Sebu Punta Isla Resort
  4. Grand Dulay T’nalak Weaving Center
  5. T’Boli Museum
  6. School of Living Tradition (SLT)

Activities to do in Lake Sebu

  • Chasing Waterfalls
  • Lake Sebu zipline 
  • Ride a canoe in Lake Sebu
  • Three lakes boat tour: Lake Sebu, Lake Seloton, and Lake Lahit
  • T’Boli family immersion
  • A cultural immersion of T’boli and Ubo tribes
  • Trekking & Hiking
  • Learn history at the T’boli Museum
  • Go on a culinary trip
  • Experience Helobung Festival

How to go to the location of Lake Sebu from Manila

Book a plane ticket from Manila to General Santos City. Ride a  van or habal-habal that goes directly to Lake Sebu. This usually departs from General Santos City's Bulaong Terminal.

When is the best time to visit

One of the best times to visit Lake Sebu is in July when the T’nalak Festival is held. Celebrated in the city of Koronodal, the festival showcases the renowned t’nalak cloth, where people dressed in their respective cultural attires showcase their provincial trademarks through street dance competitions. 

It’s one of the most beautiful things to see, especially if you want to see how the T’boli’s celebrate their culture and heritage. Book your ticket now, July is just around the corner!

Alternatively, you can plan to make a trip to Lake Sebu in November to join the Helobung Festival, a celebration of the T’boli culture, held during the second week of the month. The festival includes traditional chanting and dancing activities, and a boat racing competition that takes place on the 354-hectare lake.

We promise you, this trip is going to be one heck of a celebration. Can’t wait to see you guys till then!

If you plan to be in Lake Sebu in September, make sure to schedule your trip around the third week of this month to experience their thanksgiving festival, Lem-lunay, celebrated with traditional dances, and a wide range of different games and other activities.

It’s something you need to see and experience, to enjoy!

3. ALABEL, Sarangani Province

Same-Day Arrival: 425, 749

ALABEL, Sarangani Province Tourist Arrivals

Alabel, is the capital town of Sarangani Province. With Alabel’s topography ranging from flatland to mountainous and rolling hills, it is no wonder that this town is blessed with scenic tourism spots and an undiscovered paradise. 

Alabel Tourism Promotional Video

How to Get There

The municipality can be reached from Manila via plane or ship through General Santos City International Airport and Makar Wharf, respectively. An hour and forty-five minutes plane ride from Manila to General Santos and another 30 minutes ride of a private vehicle to the municipality’s central business district (CBD) in Barangay Poblacion. Alabel can also be reached by taking a thirty-minute ride on a taxi or any public transport vehicle from GenSan airport. From Davao City, one can take a passenger bus going to General Santos City and catch a public jeepney or multicabs going to Poblacion and other neighboring barangays of Alabel.

Alabel Tourism


This town anniversary is an annual celebration of gathering all the products, showcasing the culture and what this municipality can offer, and especially this is also one way of giving back all the glory to our Almighty Creator. KASADYAAN FESTIVAL was first celebrated on September 10, 2001, as thanksgiving and merrymaking for a bountiful harvest. This was also the birth of the Municipal Tourism Council that focuses on the promotion of the tourism potential of this municipality.


Lake Beto is a heart-like lake which is an inland body of water situated at Barangay Spring, Alabel fronting a private memorial park. The local Government Unit of Alabel has numerous plans in developing this tourist site. Still, Lake Beto is an interesting destination both for mystery solvers and nature lovers.


It’s an idyllic natural treasure of the Municipality of Aabel characterized of by its refined sand, fabulous waves, and awesome people - a recreational hub and venue for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities. Local Government Unit of Alabel promotes Ladol Beach as an ideal tourism destination offering a so-called “Pangmasang pasyalan”. Ladol Beach had no entrance fee. Cottages costs were affordable, ranging from P 100 to P 200 varying on days or season. The public beach had no corkage fee, people can bring food, drinks, and prepared tents without any additional charges. Tourists can walk freely to the beach, sea turtles occasionally laid their eggs to sand after years of survival, mangrove forests started to flourish for decades of tree planting activities. 

Other Tourism Sites:


More about ALABEL, Sarangani Province

4.  GENSAN (General Santos City)

Same-Day Arrival: 375, 758

Overnight Arrival: 172, 961

GENSAN (General Santos City) Tourist Arrivals

The city of GenSan, known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, continues to grow. Through its many industries like farming and fishing, Gensan has made a name for itself and thrived. The city earned for itself the nickname “Boom City of the South” and also firmed up its mark in the international market as an exporter of tropical fruits, yellowfin tuna, prawn, and copra.

Tourism is another industry that is gaining traction. This area of the country is becoming increasingly popular among tourists as a result of sustained efforts by the local government and residents alike. In comparison to other tourist destinations in the Philippines, Gensan still has a long way to go, but we won't be surprised if it's already on your travel bucket list.

In 2005, GenSan re-opens Lion’s Beach to the public for beach and outdoors reveling. The General Santos City Children’ s Park was also opened to the delight of the kids and their families. 

Planning to visit Gensan soon? Here are the tourist spots and travel destinations you might want to include in your itinerary:


Sarangani Highlands Resort

A refreshing landscaped garden resort situated on Highlands overlooking the vast expanse of Sarangani Bay & the panoramic view of Mt. Matutum on the side, perfect for sunrise, sunset, and star gazing meditations for the peace loving guests.

Pomelo & Mango Orchard, Alcantara Farms, Barangay San Jose

10 minutes drive from Asparagus Farm is the Pomelo and Mango Orchard owned by the Alcantaras. The huge hectares of Pomelo and Mangoes supply the city with these high valued Fruits.

5th Mt. Adventure Park & Resort

-At Purok Balakayo, Barangay Olympog, the zipline & cable car ride offers Gensan at its heights, showcasing Gensan’s skyline, canopies of trees, deep ravines , picturesque horizons where the Sarangani Bay and Gensan Blue sky meet.

Nopol Hills (Optional/ideal for overnight camping)

Offers a panoramic view of the city and is identified as a great camping ground for adventure seekers. Sunrise and sunset are great here. If lucky, the presence of bats at the Bat Sanctuary at dusk is also another sight to see.

Snipers View Deck (Optional/ideal for overnight camping)

Previously used by Japanese snipers during the start of the American occupation, this scenic hiking spot is located at Bagong Buhay, Barangay Mabuhay, and has become well-known for literally being the coolest place in GenSan.

Mt. Sabrina Panoramic View & Resort

The newest mountain resort of Gensan is situated in a serene environment with a soothing Tuna Shaped- Swimming Pool.

Sanchez Peak (Optional/ideal for overnight camping)

The highest peak of Gensan offers a 360 degrees aerial view of the whole SOCSARGEN Area and the Klaja Karstsland. But this area is recommended for high adventure seekers & nature lovers only since it involves a one-hour mountain climb to reach the peak.



Queen Tuna Park

The government-owned beach resort is situated at the heart of the city, for family picnics, swimming, beach sports activities like skim boarding, beach volleyball or simply counting the stars on a serene night. Great venue for Beach parties and Night Band Gigs.

GSC Fishport Complex

The most modern Fishport in the country. This 32-hectare facility boasts world-class facilities & amenities that supply Sashimi Grade Tuna to the world. You can observe Tuna Unloading, Tuna Grading, Tuna Hauling, Tuna Trading, Tuna Weighing, Tuna Cleaning, Tuna Classifying. Fresh, Frozen Seafood Establishments within the Port Drive through Foreign Vessels at other Ports Cold Storage | Blast Freezing Facilities Weigh Bridge Market Halls 1, 2 & 3.

Tuna Canning Factory (Optional)

Out of the eight (8) Tuna Canning Factories of the Philippines, Seven (7) are in Gensan. The presence of these canning factories affirms our claim that Gensan is truly “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines”.

Calumpang Dried Fish Market

Onboard tuna Fishing vessels, various fish were Sun and air dried, while tuna fishing is going on overseas. This gives Calumpang Dried Fish its distinct flavor and taste.

Horizon Can (Tin Can Factory)

This tin can factory directly supports the fishing industry of the city, producing tin cans for the seven canning factories in the area.

Ten Point Factory

The only processing plant that Ships Fresh Sashimi slices to Japan. Tuna crazy cuts, palik-pic, panga, belly, and tuna intestinal organs are sold at lesser prices compared to market prices.

Makar Wharf

Lies directly on the international shipping route have an adequate cargo handling capacity and increased operational efficiency to service an upsurge in cargo traffic. The wharf has a deep natural harbor while handling a capacity of 31,843 and a provision of 10,500 sq. m livestock holding terminal. One of the cleanest ports in the country.

Shopping at Tuna Value Added Products Outlets

Sprawling over the city. Assorted Tuna products such as Tuna Tocino, Tuna Embutido, Tuna Nuggets, Tuna Siomai, Tuna Hotdogs, Tuna Burger, Tuna Longganisa, Tuna Chicharon and a lot more. Fresh & Frozen Tuna prime Cuts like Tuna Belly, Tuna Panga, Tuna Tail, or plain sashimi slices are also available to suit one’s choice. Other tuna crazy cuts are also for sale such as palikpik, bihod, bagaybay, ad tuna skin.


NDDU Museum

The NDDU museum can be found inside the university’s main building. The museum houses a collection of historical antiques and artifacts which consist of past relics previously owned by General Santos himself. A Pacman corner can also be found in the museum to pay tribute to the 8-world boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao.

MSU Museum

The only cultural museum of the area, it showcases the rich cultural heritage of the tri-peoples’ ( Muslims, B’laans and Christians) harmonious existence in the SOCCSARGEN region. It can be found inside GenSan’s only State University, the MSU campus’ Y Building.

The Hadano Park

Named after Gensan’s international sister city, Hadano, Japan, the park remained a symbol of the rich economic and cultural ties between Gensan and Hadano.

Biggest Japanese Bunker Brgy. Ligaya

Gensan currently houses 33 Japanese Bunkers which are remnants of the Japanese World War II occupation. These bunkers have since become a historical attraction of the city. The largest one can be currently found in Barangay Ligaya.

Manilay Ancestral Home

Valuable antiques and artifacts of the Manilay family were brought to Gensan and housed in a miniature old family dwelling in Luzon. The presence of old cars, still roadworthy, completes the collection.

For tour packages:

Wow GenSan Association of Tour Operators

Contact Person: Mary Donnabelle H. Ong

Marich Travel Angency

Mendaros Bldg., Daproza Ave., Gen. Santos City

083. 553.1964

Check out GenSan (General Santos City) website for more information OR visit LGU-GenSan - City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office


Same-Day Arrival: 265, 081

Overnight Arrival: 113, 740

KORONADAL CITY Tourist Arrivals

The B'laan words koron, meaning cogon grass, and nadal, meaning plain, came together to form the name Koronadal. Marbel, a B'laan word meaning "waters murky," was the previous name of the area. When the City was inhabited by natives, these were the best names to describe the area.

Once, Koronadal's boundaries extended north to Polonoling, Tupi, south, and northeast to the Quezon mountain range and the municipality of T'boli, respectively. This area was once known as Koronadal.

Koronadal City’s Hinugyaw Festival

The Koronadaleos' year begins with the Hinugyaw Festival, which commemorates the city's founding anniversary. Koronadal City, one of the busiest in South Cotabato, has drawn a large number of visitors from around the country and the world thanks to a diverse calendar of events.

To honor the city's founding, a riot of color and music is being held throughout the city. With their brightly colored costumes, the street dancing competition enlivens the streets of the cities and delays traffic for a few hours. The street dancing in Hinugyaw is unique in that it takes place in the late afternoon, just before sunset, to avoid the oppressive heat. Despite the fact that most of the participants are students, this initiative should be given the highest priority. Many people come out to watch the street dancing, which is one of the main attractions of the festival.

Best Places to Visit in Koronadal City

Koronadal is the capital of South Cotabato, which is also known as the Land of the Dreamweavers because of its beautiful scenery. This is because this province is home to the majority of the T'Boli people. So, if you're thinking of visiting Koronadal City soon, be prepared for a culturally rich and naturally breathtaking experience! Koronadal, like its neighbor Kidapawan City, is full of natural wonders like lakes, waterfalls, vast plantations, and many more!

  • South Cotabato Community Museum
  • Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park
  • Suppon Falls
  • Holon Lake (Maughan Lake)
  • Baras Bird Sanctuary
  • Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge
  • Surallah Cultural Landmark
  • Eden Nature Park and Resort
  • D’Bone Collector Museum
  • Siok Falls
  • T’Nalak Festival

For more information visit Koronadal City Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office

6. NORALA, South Cotabato

Same-Day Arrival: 217, 249

Overnight Arrival: 320

NORALA, South Cotabato tourist arrivals

The municipality of Norala, a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of South Cotabato showcases its culture and tradition every March during the Kamayadan Festival, a festival that depicts a thanksgiving for a good harvest. Norala is said to be "The Rice Granary of the South". 

Tourist Spot in Norala South Cotabato II Discovering Dumaguil Norala South Cotabato

For more information visit Norala Tourism Facebook Page

7.  MAASIM, Sarangani Province

Same-day Arrival: 204, 056

Overnight Arrival: 39, 632

MAASIM, Sarangani Province tourism arrivals

Go, take time to unwind.

Maasim, a fast-growing investment hub in Sarangani Province, is located west of Gen. Santos City. Additionally, Maasim is open to investors seeking large tracts of land with easy access to the sea, as it is home to some of the Philippines' best dive sites and outdoor trekking through its canyons.

There are numerous beach destinations along the coast of Maasim, making it a popular destination for tourists. Lemlunay Diving Resort, perched atop a cliff overlooking Sarangani Bay, is one of the country's premier diving destinations. Lemlunay, a 30-minute drive from Gen. Santos City's airport, provides modern accommodations and all the conveniences of home. Divers from all over the world are drawn to this dive site because of the stunning underwater scenery.

When in Maasim, the encompassing beauty of Chuckie's PEAK and the surreal vista of the distant mountains will surely give you that ideal vibe to breathe life, inhale peace and exhale happiness.

Maasim's rustic, rugged slopes are worth exploring!

These magnificent rock formations, perched at a breathtaking elevation overlooking the picturesque Sarangani Bay, are truly a welcoming sight for a weary spirit in desperate need of rest.

📍 Malagaring Rock Formation, Maasim, Sarangani Province

To get to Maasim, you'll need to take a world-class highway that passes through stunning scenery. The highway to the town is dotted with canyons and coastal villages, where friendly and welcoming people can be found. As the road to Kiamba and Maitum passes through Muslim-majority villages, tourists can see the Maguindanaon way of life.

Besides being home to the Blaans and Christian communities, mountain villages are also hosting numerous ranches and banana plantations. Maasim also owns a shipyard and a power plant, as well as a number of other businesses.

For more information visit Lgu-Maasim Tourism Facebook Page

8. BAGUMBAYAN, Sultan Kudarat

Same-Day Arrival: 153, 407

BAGUMBAYAN, Sultan Kudarat tourist arrivals

Bagumbayan is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Sultan Kudarat. It is strategically located in the elevated portion of the province in full view. It is bounded on the North by the municipality of Isulan, on the South by the municipalities of T’boli and Maitum of the province of South Cotabato, on the West by the municipality of Sen. Ninoy Aquino and on the east by Allah River. 

Tourist Spots:

  • PITOT CAVE It is located in Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat, as well as PITOT KALABAW MOUNTAIN, a protected rest and recreation area with a cave system that has an underground river and an extensive forest covered with trees.



Every month of November, the people of Bagumbayan in the Province of Sultan Kudarat celebrates their town’s founding anniversary with Bansadayaw Festival, a week-long celebration highlighted by merrymaking and showcase of their diverse culture.

How to Go to BAGUMBAYAN, Sultan Kudarat

The capital barangay of Bagumbayan is the Poblacion, it lies close to the eastern base of Daguma range, and it’s about fifteen (15) kilometers, by an air distance to the capital town of Isulan. The road distance to the Isulan is 16 km. The town of Bagumbayan can be reached by taking a passenger jeep, tricycle, and “Skylab”. The vehicles leave fully loaded, depending on how fast the vehicles can be filled with passengers and cargoes, at harvest time which is March, July to November more passengers travel, hence transportation is frequent, the vehicles head towards Biwang via Kapaya or Sison to reach Poblacion after about twenty minutes to half an hour. The vehicles via Kapaya will pass on the municipal public cemetery, then the urban core of Poblacion passes on the front of the municipal hall going to the terminal which is located in the public market. Perhaps this will be a permanent route of commuters from the coastal town to the provincial capitol after the completion of the ongoing repair of Isulan – Bagumbayan  – Masiag road, connecting the coastal roads of Sultan Kudarat province.

For more information visit Bagumbayan Tourism Office or visit BAGUMBAYAN, Sultan Kudarat website

9. MAITUM, Sarangani Province

Same-Day Arrival: 104, 820

MAITUM, Sarangani Province tourism arrivals

The country's farthest south is a popular destination for adventure seekers. Pangi River tubing in Maitum, Sarangani, is a must-do activity for thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush.

M'langen Falls is a must-add to your list of waterfalls to chase in SOX Region. This multi-tiered water wonder is situated in Brgy. Tuanadatu in the coastal town of Maitum, Sarangani Province features what looks like soft layers of silky curtain cascading over spectacular rock boulders. All this beauty is concealed within a lush jungle canopy.

📍 M'langen Falls, Maitum, Sarangani Province

Nature, adventure, culture, history, and awe-inspiring beauty. Sarangani's earliest settlements can be found in Maitum. Maitum is truly a jewel in the Celebes thanks to its rich history, stunning archeological discoveries, some of the Philippines' best beaches, waterfalls, distinct biodiversity, mountain ranges, and crystal clear rivers.

There are numerous caves in Maitum just waiting to be explored. In the midst of the bustling city, the waterfalls and pristine rivers provide a welcome break. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and backpacking in its dense rainforests. Deer, wild boars, and tarsiers can be spotted by hikers in Maitum's diverse wildlife. The White Water Tubing Adventure is a great way to end a day of adventure. Enjoy the cool waters of the Pangi River on a 1.6-kilometer adventure.

10. BANGA, South Cotabato

Same-Day Arrival: 93, 438 
Overnigt Arrival: 5, 597

BANGA, South Cotabato tourism arrivals

Banga is situated northwest of the province of South Cotabato. The town's name is derived from a palm tree known locally as "Buanga" that was prevalent in the area prior to settlement.


Pasundayag Festival – 1st Week of March

One of the most unique fiesta celebrations in the Philippines is Pasundayag, an Ilonggo term that means "show" or "presentation." It is a week-long fiesta that celebrates the good life and thanksgiving in Banga.

Tourist attractions

Mila's Peak 

Located in eastern Roxas Mt. Range, Mila's Peak is the most elevated point in the range and provides views of the vast plains toward Mt. Matutum in both directions as well as the entire Allah Valley.

Sitio Lamkot 

Barangay Malaya is the location of Sitio Lamkot. Unique to this particular location is that it's surrounded by mountainous farmland, which creates the impression of an isolated, self-sufficient village in the midst of abundance and beauty.


Asik-Asik Falls, Lake Agco's hot springs, and the historic Lagbasan Cave are just a few of the other must-see attractions in the area. From paragliding in Sarangani to joining a GenSan Tuna Tour to daring to zipline across Seven Falls, there's plenty more to see and do in Baras Bird Sanctuary.

The southernmost provinces of the Philippines truly provide a diverse range of sights, sounds, and tastes.

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