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Celebrating the Pasil Slow Food Festival and "Vangan Chi Pasil" Souvenirs

 "Chumilang Pasil", Kalinga at the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines Pearl Awards

"Chumilang Pasil", Kalinga at the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines Pearl Awards

The municipality of Pasil in Kalinga has emerged as a shining star in the world of Philippine tourism, securing top awards at the prestigious Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines (ATOP) Pearl Awards at Boracay, tonight as reported by Kalinga Provincial Tourism Officer Lorraine A. Ngao-i.

Pasil took home the Grand Winner title for the "Best Tourism Week or Month Celebration" category with its Pasil Slow Food Festival and clinched the first runner-up position in the "Best Tourism Gifts or Souvenirs Award (Non-Food)" category for their exquisite "Vangan Chi Pasil" or Pasil Pots products.

Pasil Slow Food Festival: A Gastronomic Delight

Pasil Slow Food Festival

The Pasil Slow Food Festival is a remarkable celebration that encapsulates the essence of Kalinga's rich culinary heritage. This event showcases the traditional cooking methods, indigenous ingredients, and unique flavors that make Pasil a gastronomic paradise for tourists and food enthusiasts.

The festival not only serves as a platform for locals to share their culinary traditions but also promotes sustainable and responsible tourism.

Pasil's Slow Food Festival takes visitors on a gastronomic journey, allowing them to savor traditional Kalinga dishes prepared with great care and love. The festival's commitment to preserving indigenous food practices, as well as supporting local farmers and producers, aligns perfectly with the Slow Food movement's principles of good, clean, and fair food.

The festival's success can be attributed to the dedication of Pasil's community, which has worked tirelessly to showcase their culinary heritage. Their efforts have not only earned them the title of Grand Winner but have also positioned Pasil as a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and immersive culinary experience.

"Vangan Chi Pasil" - A True Expression of Kalinga Craftsmanship

Vangan Chi Pasil

In addition to its culinary, Pasil is making waves in the realm of non-food tourism gifts and souvenirs with its "Vangan Chi Pasil" or Pasil Pots products.

These meticulously crafted pottery items are the expression of artistic and creative talents of the people of Pasil.

The "Vangan Chi Pasil" collection features a wide range of stunning pottery pieces, each handcrafted with precision and infused with the cultural heritage of Kalinga. From intricately designed vases to functional kitchenware, every item is a work of art that reflects the history, traditions, and stories of the community.

What sets these products apart is not just their aesthetic appeal but also the commitment to sustainable practices. The clay used to create these masterpieces is locally sourced and processed, contributing to the sustainability of the region's resources. Additionally, the pottery-making process provides employment opportunities for local artisans, fostering economic growth within the community.

The first runner-up position in the "Best Tourism Gifts or Souvenirs Award (Non-Food)" category at the ATOP Pearl Awards is a well-deserved recognition of the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating "Vangan Chi Pasil" products.

In additional, the municipality is also one of the FINALISTS in Best Tourism Oriented Local Government Unit Award-Municipal Level.

ATOP Pearl Awards

Pasil, Kalinga's achievements at the ATOP Pearl Awards are a symbol to the community's commitment to preserving their cultural heritage and sharing it with the world. These accolades not only celebrate the past but also signify a promising future for Pasil's tourism industry.

As Pasil continues to shine as a beacon of culinary excellence and artistic craftsmanship, it is sure to attract more travelers and tourists who seek unique and authentic experiences. The Pasil Slow Food Festival and "Vangan Chi Pasil" products stand as symbols of cultural pride and sustainability, setting an inspiring example for other destinations across the Philippines and beyond.

Kalinga Tourism Officer also said that "Pasil, has truly carved its name on the map of Philippine tourism, and as they continue their journey of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, they are certain to inspire others to follow suit."

Meanwhile, the province is also proud having the Municipality of Lubuagan as one of the FINALIST in the Best Program for Culture and the Arts Award.

The awards for Pasil were received by Mayor Alfredo Malannag, Municipal Administrator Ms. Milagros Batalao, Pasil Slowfood Focal Person Rowena Gonnay, and Pasil Tourism Officer Rizalyn Dangiw, joined by DOT-CAR Regional Director Jovita Ganongan.//DALegasi

Photos: SS from the ATOP Awards Live Stream

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