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The Global Selection of "Hainan Tourism and Cultural Excellence TOP 10" Now Opens

On 23rd February, the Hainan Free Trade Port, located in the south of China, officially launched the global selection of "Hainan Tourism and Cultural Excellence TOP10". The initiative aims to showcase the excellence of Hainan's tourism and share the story of China's holiday paradise with a global audience.

The coastline scenery of Sanya, a famous tourist city in Hainan
The coastline scenery of Sanya, a famous tourist city in Hainan


Hainan's visa-free entry expanded to 59 countries at the beginning of this month. The policy has drawn global attention as it opens opportunities for business and trade, visit, family visit, medical care, conference and exhibition, and sports competition in addition to tourism.

Launched by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, this initiative will highlight various themes such as Coastal Scenic Highway, marine tourism, duty-free shopping, recreation and health tourism, rural tourism, rainforest tourism, intangible cultural heritage tourism, and more. It hopes to gradually showcase Hainan's captivating sceneries, tourism and cultural attractions, and high-quality tourism and cultural products to all the Internet users across the globe, offering more choices and experiences to tourists worldwide, leaving them with lasting memories of Hainan and a deep appreciation for the island.

It will be featured on many Facebook pages, including "China Xinhua News," "Xinhua Culture&Travel," and "Show Me China". Each month, a series of Hainan's distinctive tourism and cultural attractions, new products and innovative leisure ideas will be presented to encourage netizens to vote. Upon the conclusion of the voting period, the top ten tourism products with the highest votes will be honoured as this year's "China's Hainan Tourism and Cultural Excellences".

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