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Colorful Zhangjiakou: Endless charm of the vibrant Olympic city

As one of the host cities of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou has drawn the world's attention and gained international fame as numerous winter sports athletes delivered outstanding performances in the Zhangjiakou competition zone.

With ice and snow sports becoming the calling card of Zhangjiakou, the city has more to offer.

Zhangjiakou, situated in north China's Hebei Province, lies in between the Inner Mongolian Plateau and the North China Plain. It is traversed by the Yin Mountains, which divide it into the upper and lower areas. Covering a total area of 36,800 square kilometers, it is home to a population of 4.07 million people.

Throughout Chinese history, Zhangjiakou has always been a strategically important location, with the Great Wall winding through its land. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Zhangku Road, connecting Zhangjiakou with Ulan Bator, formerly known as Kulun, and extending to Chita in Russia, has served as an important channel for trade and cultural exchanges. It is regarded as a section of the grassland Silk Road. Zhangjiakou is also the destination of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, which was put into operation in 1909 and known as China's first independently designed and built railway.

Colorful Zhangjiakou: Endless charm of the vibrant Olympic city
Colorful Zhangjiakou: Endless charm of the vibrant Olympic city

Divided into five chapters characterized by red, yellow, green, white and colorful, the video Colorful Zhangjiakou vividly presents the vibrant and dynamic Olympic city by combining history and modernity, tradition and fashion, culture and nature, and technology and sports. Click the video and explore the colorfulness and endless charm of the Olympic city. 

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