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Travel Resources

Hello and welcome to Yodisphere's Traveler Resources page!

I've created this page as quick reference in planning my adventures and to share the tricks and tips I've learned through my own travels. So if you’re planning a trip, currently en route or just daydreaming about a get-away somewhere, this page might help you! 

Travel Checklists:

  • One-Day Trekking Checklist (Printable/Downloadable checklist of what to bring/travel essentials on a one-day mountain trekking adventure.  

Also, on This Page You Will Soon Find:

  • Travel Bulletin Board and Calendar of Events 
  • Volunteering Information (Give back and love your adventures even more)
  • DIY Travel Hacks (Travel on budget)
  • Travel Guides and References
  • Travel related Directories

(This page is currently under construction but will be finished in the next couple of weeks.)

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