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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Election Fever

I vote for Roco. My not-so-intelligent friends told me that my vote was a wasted vote coz everybody knows that only a miracle can make Roco win. Duh! Foolish thinking.
A candidate running for mayor offered a free trip to Mindoro last Saturday night. I feel it’s an indirect way of vote buying. Against my principle and ideology, I accept the offer. It’s our taxes they’re using anyway.
I didn’t enjoy the trip. The green landscape I used to enjoy during my trip to Mindoro isn’t green at all. They’re gray and lifeless. Or maybe it’s my mood that’s lifeless. Or maybe those damn campaign posters blocked the greenery. Maybe the latter explains it all.
There was a few changes in my beloved little town, or maybe none at all. Election is more fun and exciting than our town fiesta. Every candidate was unbelievably nice and always wearing a wolfish grin. Damn them.
One of our cousins was shot in the leg. Election related for sure. That’s one of the reasons why I believe Carl Marx and his idea of Marxism. I support the leftist when I was in the last years of my college days. But NPA’s ideologies have flaws.
Indelible ink was applied in the nail of my index finger. I just got feeling that I fulfill my duty as a citizen. Hoping that my vote will help change the future of this country. Just hoping.
I didn’t enjoy the trip back either.

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