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Last Nyt

I can't remember what happened last night. I had five bottles of red horse beer with JJ in a cheap bar near our office and it really hit me. It slowed down my system. I ride the wrong jeepney route. I was supposed to ride a jeep going to Quiapo but when I woke up I'm in Pasig. Damn, I forgot to pay the driver and he's shouting at me "Hoy bayad mo!!!", I checked my pocket and without counting the coins, I gave it to the the driver.
I look around, familiarizing myself in the place where I'm in. I think hard how I got there but I can't remember...That's the first time alcohol really hit my memory. That was a cold night and its raining. It's still summer time but it's raining...maybe the weather was drunk too..
Then I saw a large sign which says "Pasig Public Market". There are few people on the street, and only a couple of jeepney was passing by. I check the time and I was surprised to know that it's already 1:00 am. I stayed where I am for 30 minutes or maybe longer. I'm hungry, cold and drunk and I lost my sense of time... I'm a confused, drunk and totally wasted guy in the middle of the cold rainy night...
Thank heaven! a jeep with a Quiapo sign stop in front of me. Did I wave at it? maybe not...maybe the other guy at my back holding a bunch of paintings did it...
When I woke up this morning, I'm famished. I recall how I got in Pasig Public Market but my memory fails me...
I got to have some food.

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