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Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday Blues

There's no aircon in LRT, so I am drenched with sweat when I arrived at the office. Same routine. Check mail, answer phone calls, process papers etc.
I find an error in one of the columns in the newspaper (Inquirer Libre) so I take time writing the editor, informing them of their bullshit.I'm waiting for their reply, which I know they will never do.
Weather today didn't catch my interest, so I don't know what's the weather today, still summer I supposed. I don't talk to her the whole day and I feel somehow depressed because of how things are slowly changing. I intentionally avoid her. I don't know if she's avoiding me too...I really missed that "Wine" event. Maybe this set-up will help me, even if it's hurting me.
Today is Friday and I want to go out. A couple of beer perhaps. There's too many depressing things happened this past few weeks. I smile but I'm not happy.
And there's still that damn question I can't answer....UNTIL WHEN?

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