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Taking A Break

The pounding rain outside suddenly awakened me. I checked the time on my cellphone. Its glowing screen hurt my eyes, I blinked and waited until my eyes adjusted to the sudden light and checked the time. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. I’m still sleepy and I don’t want to get out of my bed but something was urging me to check the windows in my room for possible leaks. Some water managed to get into my room the last time it rained hard. I don’t remember whether it’s during yesterday’s lunch talk or from the news where I overheard about a typhoon coming today. I even overheard that today’s typhoon has a female name but I instantly forget it. I don’t care about typhoon names anyway. I turned on the lights and checked the windows. Everything is ok. I decided to have a glass of water and go back to sleep.

My phone’s alarm set off at 6 o’clock in the morning. I turned the alarm off and go back to sleep like all the other working days. A few minutes in bed on a rainy morning is a luxury for me. My mother used to tell me during my high school days that it is a sign of laziness, maybe she’s right but I guess I can’t deny myself those simple pleasures. When I finally decided to greet the gloomy morning and start my morning rituals, it is already 8:30. I’m already very late for work so I decided to do my morning routine without haste and just enjoy the cold, gloomy and lazy morning.

In my work, there is what they called "inevitable leave". You can file this to save your sorry ass from receiving a Tardiness Memo and avoid suspension. This is how we, the representatives from the lower level of the pyramid they called "Org. Chart", managed to survive this socialized and corporate slavery. This modern day slavery has a system called "a corporate ladder" which challenges every slave "a.k.a. employees", to elevate their corporate standing into slavevisory level, or into master slaves or managers. There is only one ladder for so many slaves so the fight is bloody nasty. If you are stupid and have a weak heart you will die in climbing the ladder or if you managed to escape death while climbing, you will end up broke, poor and unhappy.

And today, I decided to take a rest in climbing the ladder, have a break and just enjoy the day.

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