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Thursday, February 19, 2009

System Reboot - Non Disturbare!

Life is really tricky. I spend weeks without feeling anything new, just having a hollow bored feeling. One moment I got nothing, the next, I got more than I can cope with. Like what just happened to me for the last two weeks.

A series of fling, work pressure, the demanding graduate school, lots of alcohol in my system, and a Davao trip, huh! tiring…

I felt like I got a system overload. My operating system can’t handle it anymore and now on the brink of a system crash.

I needed to re-boot my system.

So I pressed re-start, and whooah!. got an early semi-kalbo haircut. I usually had this when summer start kicking in but I decided to have it early this year.

System Restored. NON-DISTURBARE!!!

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