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Loving the Tasks That I Hate

Well, today is just another boring routine day, another SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day). Struggled to wake up, have my vegetable & fish breakfast & a cup of coffee to wake up my still sleeping nerves.

Part of my job is to act as the company-communication-whatever-goddamn-it-is. The company has this centralized e-mail & fax communication protocol. Meaning, all incoming and outgoing operational e-mails should be monitored and checked and must be properly forwarded – and the person responsible for that is no other than ME! Sometimes I love this part of my job because you got know almost everything about the company, I am always updated about crew matters, what the hell is going-on in other departments, some gossips and a truck load of nonsense – which bored me most of the time. My policy is “IF IT’S NOT MY CONCERN, I DON’T CARE.”

Therefore, every morning, I have to check a hundred e-mails, not addressed to me of course, read some of its contents and forward it to its intended recipients. Oh My Gums! It doesn’t excite me anymore. This and other nakaka-bobong work terribly bored me to death…

But I must face it. If I want to truly excel in life and discipline myself, then there are tasks that I simply must do. Some of these tasks strike me as just plain unpleasant, even painful.

Unfortunately, we are wired to avoid pain. This means that unless I change my perspective on certain Peak Performance behaviors, I will avoid them, and sabotage my own self.

On the other hand, perhaps I will do my necessary tasks, but complete them with clenched teeth, furrowed brows and irritation coursing through my body. That state is not very pleasant, and will seriously hurt my productivity.

What happens when I need to speak in that mood? I say ugly, unproductive things! Call center agents offering credit cards and other crazy unsolicited calls easily irritated me, plus some bullshitting office visitors and other obnoxious co-workers - a totally goddamned bad day.

Hmm, I realize that, to avoid this terrible day, the only solution is to LOVE THE TASKS THAT I HATE.

I must remember, it is not the task that makes my mood. It's what I tell myself about that task.

I am making the decision to look at each task for what it truly is -- the means to a greater end. I remind myself that through the accomplishment of each and every task I am moving myself closer and closer to where I want to be in life.

I am making the decision to steer my own ship rather than simply allowing life to move me from one thing to the next like a ship lost at sea. The simplest of actions, taken on an ongoing basis ensures that I will arrive at the destination I have set for myself.

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