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To Go or Not?

Our planned trip to Puerto Galera with my college buddies this Holy Week was cancelled. The reason : no quorum.

Plan B - mountain climbing with a college friend and his mountaineer group but I haven’t got any updates since it was planned about a month ago, so, I suppose it was also cancelled.

Well, it’s the reality – when you leave college, everybody will have their own life, like entering a different world with a million crazy priorities : old barkada get-together listed on the last.

Hmmm, so my other option is to spend this 4-day vacation in Mindoro, my cute little hometown. It is not that I don’t want to spend time there with my family, of course they are my priority, but given the opportunity, I’d rather explore other places, try new things and meet new people. They know I love them. He he he.

Should I stay in Manila or in Montalban perhaps? Naahhh, too boring. I also missed my Nanay’s cooking – sinigang sa kasoy, escabeche and pinais.

Well, I guess I better go. I deserve a big break from work and other stressful stuff.

This will gonna be my ultimate 4-day rest day – no computer and internet, no malls, no pollution. I will just sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and go swimming, sleep, and sleep.

I guess I better pack my things now and grab a nice book.

Happy vacation!

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