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Abyss Ghosts

I felt nothing had changed over the past years, and I, the warrior, takes another wrong step and dives once again into the abyss. Ghosts provoke me, loneliness torments me and lost my gripped over discipline. I once again, entered the sick cycle carousel.

Now that I am more aware of my acts, I did not think this would happen.

But it did.

Shrouded by darkness, I talk to my master.

“Master, I fell again into the abyss,” I said. “The waters are deep and dark.”

“Remember something," responds my master. “What drowns is not the dive, but the fact of staying under water “.

I realized that as a warrior, I have to use my remaining strength to get out of the situation I’m in.

Photo credit: Acrylic on board by William T. Ayton

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