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Just munch your toxic days!

During high school & elementary days, we are forbidden to take in any food or drinks during class or it is not encouraged to eat while studying. But, I came across this learning theory called intake learning in a Manila Bulletin article last May 14 by Henry S. Tenedero entitled “The Stomach – Brain Connection.” He said that intake learners are those who learns best while munching something or doing some mix of eating and learning.

Well, this is not my learning preference during my school days – maybe because it is forbidden, but now, at work, I noticed that I usually get the job done when I have some picka-picka at my computer desk. I easily got tired and usually lose focus during long hours of continuos concentration over some task.

Some do their tasks while listening to their favorite music. In my case, I usually have some peanuts, banana and a cup of coffee to survive a toxic day – which usually falls on Mondays.

Whew! I really hate Mondays - always so toxic. It’s a good thing I can just munch, munch, and munch it away.


  1. Tnx man for adding me to your blog links...add na din kita...btw...its a nice site..nadagdagan na naman ang blog na mababasa ko...
    re this post..ganyan din ako pare...lalo na kung may exam dapat laging may katabing chicha...mani o kahit boy bawang man

  2. hahahahha ako matagal nang pasaway kahit bawal kumain sa loob ng classroom kumakain pa din ako... hahahhahaha... kaya nga lumolobo eh... kaso ngayon pass na ako sa mga chichirya at kendi... nagsawa na ata taste buds ko eh... ngayon meal na talaga! hahahhaha


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