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Blogger’s-block – The Evil of the Blank Blogpost

The angry rain decided to punish Metro Manila last night, sending its army of billion droplets zipping like kamikaze pilots. The deluge caught me while I was on my way home, but I was not frustrated because my mind was busy writing – trying to record the conversation of me and my mind, myself talking to myself. Out of nowhere an idea kicked-in, it makes me excited so I hurry up not minding the crazy rain.

I immediately grab my laptop and dried myself while its booting. I changed into comfy and warm clothes and face my laptop, ready to fire up all my ideas into written words.

But… Damn, I can’t get it out. I lost it! My cursor was blinking for hours and I haven’t written anything. Surely a case of a mental-block, or writer’s-block or should I say “blogger’s-block”. Maybe the mad rain washed it out.

It’s really goddamn awful how it feels not to be able to write or get your ideas out of your fucking head or, in my case, losing it. It’s frustrating, for crying out loud!

Tired, cold and frustrated, I decided to grab a book and sleep.

Today, I woke up late, the sky is clear and the sun is suspiciously shining, mocking me - as if saying, “Good morning, Loossser!”

But hell no! I have to do something about this blogger’s-block phenomenon that haunted me last night. I think about it all day and came up with this theory:

The best way is always to stop when I am going good and when I know what will happen next. If I do that every day … I will never be stuck ... That way my subconscious will work on it all the time. But if I think about it consciously or worry about it, I will kill it and my brain will be tired before I start.

I also checked the know-it-all Mr. Google and gave me some unconventional tips such as:

  • Drinking a little whiskey before writing -- (like a drunken master eh? Or drunken-blogger, he he he… maybe I should try it.)
  • Make a list, or a draft -- (well, mind-mapping technique works well for me.)
  • Have sex? – (this one is suggested to clear your mind before writing, but I guess If you are writing about clitorology and kama-sutra, you should write your article before having sex… ha ha. No other human being willing to share your frustration? Well, just do the “do-it-yourself” technique. Wash your hands!!)
  • Read something you hate – (suggestion to generate more ideas… a-huh, will not work for me I guess.)
  • Run like hell – (suggested if you’re really burnt-out, sort of like taking a break and having fresh air.)

Any other personal tip? I will appreciate if you can share it in the comments section.
Let’s blog, Vamos!


  1. try this... watch a movie, dvd, tv...listen to any cd... bloghopping...

  2. Yodz, bring a portable voice recorder and talk to it everytime you think of something. I dont do this not guaranteed if it will work.
    Thanks for dropping by my site.
    I'll link ur blog to mine, ok?

  3. hey dude, txs. i followed u too..

    and link as well.

    writers block? for me the tips u googled would make one's brain-dead even!.

    il' brb for sure. i would seemed to enjoy here. rgds

  4. @ Josh of Arabia

    thanks Josh,
    I linked u too.
    Hava great day blogging!


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