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Volunteerism: The Cure for Routine Life

"The activist is not the man
who says the river is dirty.
The activist is the man who
cleans up the river."
- H. Ross Perot
Nobody wants to live like a fish in aquarium – bored and thinking that it is all there is to life. Hence, I find ways to avoid routine and do something I believe and I like. Two months ago, I applied to be a Greenpeace volunteer. I am an activist during my college days and I learned a lot about life’s realities from that experience. It’s been a long time and I want to wake up the activist in me again. I know it will bring a lot of fun and opportunities plus that great feeling of being able to do your part.

Today, I received a text message and e-mail from Greenpeace Southeast Asia – Philippines confirming my application as volunteer and inviting me to attend their “New Volunteer Orientation”

The e-mail reads:

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a Greenpeace Volunteer. The time has come to orient new souls and kindred spirits on the ways of being a volunteer. As the heart of our activism, please join us for a...

Activity: Volunteer Orientation
Date: 17 June 2009, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: Greenpeace Office -- Room 301 JGS Building, #30 Scout Tuason Street,1103 Quezon City, the Philippines

... to witness breathtaking actions and hear testimonies from activists. It will be a night of sharing and solidarity. It will be our great pleasure if you can participate in this gathering.

Well, this is great. I’m really looking forward in meeting fellow activists again. I can really feel the sense of belonging and camaraderie when I’m with this kind of people.

My fellow blogger, if you want to do your part, please check out their website at:


  1. Maki-join nga sa campaign na yan Yods...

  2. Di mo naman siguro kailangang maging activist para gumawa ng bagay bagay para sa bayan.. or kalikasan o saan pa man... just my opinion ..^__^

    But if this is where you belong, you night meet different kinds of people and new friends..

  3. good endeavor! may your tribe increase.


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