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Emergency! I’m a compulsive digital fiddler : Control Halt Delete

My regular workday starts at 8:00 a.m. Last Monday, I tried going to work earlier than 8 o’clock hoping to get the week off to good a start, but I found myself reading blog entries, leaving comments, browsing news articles, downloading free MP3 of a cool song I heard over the radio and reading Jim Paredes’ blog entries. It eats up a nice chunk of my precious work hours. I end up procrastinating online. Consequently, by Friday, I got a truckload of tasks. Not often, but it happens.

I know I always have a choice as to what I give my time to but I don’t have a choice as to how much time I have. No matter how hard I try, I am not be able to squeeze anymore than 24 hours out of my day.

I think about it over the weekend and realized that I have to eliminate my compulsive internet fiddling at work. Every time I catch myself staring to that Firefox icon or that sad YM icon on my task bar, I have to remind myself of my goals and tasks for the day. Thanked goodness I am not into gaming.

It’s really true – the more I kill time, the more time will kill me. My thesis needs revision and I have to beat work deadlines. Hence, I have to take drastic measures to eliminate time sucks and spend less time on unimportant internet fiddling.
Maybe you too sometimes find yourself compulsively surfing the web. Any personal tip to avoid it?

Thanks in advance.
Let’s bring balance to the Force!
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  1. How about fooling yourself that there's no internet connection... say you were stuck in a desserted island for 5 weekdays and there's no free wifi... jijijijijiji... or better yet pay yourself 5 peso everytime you surf the net... sort of punishment... jijijijiji...

  2. Thanks goodness i am not into network gaming too... mabuti na lang blooging, twitter at facebook lng kinahuhumalingan ko sa internet world...

    Waaah! natakot akong i-imagine yung comment pare ni Xprosiac..hirap ng ganun tol..hindi na yata ako sanay...

    parang magmukhang OA lang!

  3. U might as well cut ur internet connection on ur computer during working hrs....

  4. thank you for the suggestion guys,
    ...productive work habit now is back to normal.
    Thanks a lot for the visit.
    May the force be with you!


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