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A special place in hell...

…is reserved for my board mate who approaches as I am eating my favorite pack of potato chips on a boring rainy Sunday afternoon, that only contains three chips left and asks, “Hey bro, can I have one?”

*This is my random record of anything that annoys me. I had this idea last night to post "A special place in hell..." series on this blog - a weekly post perhaps, just for fun.


  1. Ahahahahhahahaha... andamot! jejejejejje pero ako rin ganyan minsan! wahahahhahahaha

  2. bwahahaha! ako ganyan minsan...hirap iwasan o alisisn..hahaha!

  3. he he, e kasi yung last bite talaga yung pinaka masarap e. Bitin pag di mo nakain yung last bite. hik hik hik
    thank you for visiting.


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