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Blog envy is my motivation

Forgive me dear bloggers for I have sinned.
This blog is evolving because of envy.
Bloghopping eats up most of my free time to catch up on my favorite topics, news and for mining fresh ideas. While browsing, I frequently came across blogs that can totally blow me away; blogs with great design, interesting contents, magnificent writing style and alive with intelligent comments - blogs I envy.

Envy is one of the deadly sins according to Catholicism crap. Conversely, I have always felt that envy is the first cousin of motivation. It lurks somewhere hidden in my thoughts. When I say I admire other blogs and its design, deep down, what I really feel is that I wish I have those design talent and writing genius. It may be a sin, but it gives me the motivation and clue to what I truly want in this blog – and to improve myself. You always inspire me fellow bloggers.

Accordingly, I devoted efforts on improving this blog. Whenever I came across blogs with great design or a cute widget, my first instinct is to look for its source code to test it on my blog. I also want to learn bits & pieces about XHTML & CSS.

Here are some cool improvements I made which I want to share:
  • My Table of Contents page: It took me three hours before I make it work. I’m a real dumb when it comes to code syntax. Thanks to Aneesh for the tweaking.
  • My header graphics was originally a wallpaper which I find interesting because of some yin yang symbol on it. I did some photoshop editing and use it as header. It’s quite large but I like it.
  • For SEO hacks and monetizing, maybe later when I’m really serious about posting well researched posts. I believe content really matters.
Well, I don’t know how long I can make this blog alive but surely it will continuously evolve into something better – hopefully not all because of envy.

I will really love reading your comments about my blog or if you have a cool code hack you want to share, I’ll definitely appreciate it.

Let’s inspire each other!


  1. I predict in a couple of months or maybe a couple of weeks you will contemplate on getting your own domain too lolz... I'vee been where you are now ahahah... btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. code hacks?! hmmm ala naman ako alam.. nakikigaya lang din ako sa iba at nagsesearch sa google kung possible ba sa blog q yun jejejjejejeje... I read different blogs and I try to read one's personality through one's blog... by his interests, thoughts, ideas and how one reacts in his comment... it's fun! it only shows how diverse humans are... jejejejejje

  3. oh gosh i know how you feel... sometimes when you look at someone's work you just want to steal it right? hahhaa


  4. shet di ako makarelate hehe. lolo na kasi ako. syntax syntax huhu. maka-tesda nga... like you, though, i love to blog hop coz it's like surfing channels on cable.

  5. It is not the inputs that matter, important is how you use them. You are using your envy very well. In this use, the envy is called inspiration. I suggest some good templates at
    I have been using them on my most of the 12 blogs.

  6. Nothing wrong with envy... if it helps you improve.. in any case, my stand with blogs is it's always the content that i read and not the widgets...

  7. I share your sentiments. Along the way i learn lots of things thru blog hopping.

  8. i have the same envy, i have the same enthusiasm, i just cant act upon them. i hope i have enough time. i'll try next week. hopefully. or maybe just wishful thinking.

  9. Sometimes I think I spend more time adding, deleting and editing gadgets for my blog than actually writing for it.

    I've banned myself from those sites until I get back on track. It's for my own good.

  10. I'm becoming very obsessed with blogs too! I thought it was such a lame idea before and now I can't get enough of it!

  11. ya i'm a blogg addict too.. and totally agree that envy can motivates you to gr8 extents... unfortunately once it takes over.. you rarely have control over it...

    thanks for all the links... it'll certainly be helpful in future..

  12. tama ka diyan..put into good use..envy can be a source of motivation as it pushes you get get better at something..siguro naman lahat ng bloggers eh nakakaexperience niyan.. :D

  13. Hehehe.. Honestly, I envy your writing style. Creative and clear. Dame mo nga agad na followers eh. ako nga eh kelangan pang maghintay ng magisang taong bago makakuha ng 31 followers. eh ikaw 30 na eh ilang months lang iyon.

    Yep same here, improve this and impove that, though job but someone has to do it XD


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