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Filipino Lotus Feet Mentality – Sacrificing comfort over fashion

Most Filipinos are proud of sacrificing comfort in the name of style and social acceptance. They embrace the total nonsense view of “style” and being “in” to counter the modern embarrassment of being unfashionable or jologs, sacrificing their comfort in the name of conformity, sacrificing health and commonsense and accept the fullness of Dra. Vicky Belo’s definition of beauty.

Yes, most Filipinos are now living a material world, they say if you ignore that privilege, you missed the whole point of human existence.

…but I beg to disagree.

Like the Chinese girl called Lotus Feet, in the horror film Feng Sui, they will never escape the fire due to their walking handicap.
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  1. owwwwwwwwwwwww, it's not always to follow the fashion trend. I'm sure this is not recommended by doctors.

  2. ehh.. that doesn't look so pretty. i don't even know if that's a fashion rule... makig your feet small is just freaking disgusting and wrong.

    fashion 101: shrinking your feet is a no no! XD

  3. Nope! For me trend is secondary or even tertiary... same goes with brand... Comfort comes first!

  4. same here. comfort first before anything else. i think that's what matters most.

  5. Hello. New follower. I think your blog is really cool and interesting. Come check out mine if you'd like.

  6. first off, yuck yung lotus feet XD

    ummm... im notthe kind of person who follows trends so ayun unique ako :p


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