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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Immortality of the Yellow Confetti

11:45 AM, 03 August 2009, EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The cortege of former President Corazon C. Aquino as it passed by our office in Mandaluyong. I immediately joined the crowd and took a few shots. My hands is still cold while writing this post. It was chilling.

The rain miraculously stopped as she passed by, surrounded by gentle petals, honorably guarded - fitted for a true hero.

Million confetti, anxious in the sweaty palms of the bystanders are suddenly freed against the gentle breeze, soaring high, crying over the mother-of-democracy’s last parade.

Yellow ribbons tied everywhere, silently waving goodbye to a fighter who once freed them.

The crowds are gone, EDSA is silent and finally the confetti soar no more, kissing the street, forever resting - their collective spirits forever seen in the clouds’ silver lining, their love for freedom sealed on the avenues’ battered asphalt. The yellow confetti is truly immortal

Photos taken by the author Yodz Insigne.
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  1. nakakakilabot ang bawat eksena kanina sa tv...nakakatuwang isipin na napakaraming tao nag nagmamahal sa kanya...
    Hanggang ngayon nalulungkot pa din ako sa pagkawala niya... para akong nawala ng mahal sa buhay!

  2. Grabe noh... Tumataas balahibo ko kanina habang napapanood ko sa tv... how much more pa kaya if you are really there together with others who also expresses their sympathy and support to her and her family... When she assume presidency... peaceful... pati sa kanyang paghimlay... peaceful pa din... truly the Filipino people love and respect her...

  3. you know, i really love the fact that filipinos do these kinds of stuff.. it's like they celebrate together as a community and they also mourn with each other.

    i guess, the death of cory aquino kinda has a good outcome along with it-- bringing the filipinoes together. i love it!

    i wish i was there to be a part of this community :[

  4. @Mokong & Xprosaic: Thank you for the visit, oo nga nakakataas balahibo yung event.

    @Abby Quijano : Thank you very much for appreciating our culture. BTW, you got a Filipino name, any filipino in the family? Thanks for the nice comment.

  5. hole sh*t!! ikaw kumuha nung pics??? kakainggit!!!! huhuhu :(

    kumuha ka sana nung confetti...


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