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How to kill fastfood boredom while waiting for the liars

Fastfoods are everywhere in the metro and oftentimes it becomes the favorite meeting place or a place to stay while waiting for somebody. Of course you have to order something while waiting – or else you will look like a “patay-gutom” (totally broke professional) or you will get that get-out-of-here look from the guard.

Most of the time the long wait is oh-so-deadly boring. Most people are so insensitive and don’t even respect other people’s time. These people are liars – saying “Just stay there, I’m on my way” while in fact they just get up from bed.

I admire those who can just stare blankly at nothing while waiting, like a psychotic addict who can see dead people. But I can’t do that, I have to do something.

Here are the things I do to kill boredom at a fastfood while waiting for those liars:

  • Forward text messages (the forward-this-or-you-will-die type), quotes and jokes to my contacts – I love annoying them.
  • Escape the noise by turning my ipod full volume – and swing my head like that silly puppy in a car dashboard. (in jeepneys it is often place beside that gold feng-shui cat, forever waving. – I hate those stuff.)
  • Make an ice barbeque – place all those remaining ice tubes on the straw, hang it between cups and watch it melt.
  • Play straw pop -  trap the air at the center of the straw by simultaneously rolling both ends and let your friend pop it. (maybe I should make a video sometime)
  • And of course the classic – Play-with-the-leftovers. Like the following pictures. I admire the one who made this:


Any other cool ideas how to kill boredom in a fastfood? I'll appreciate if you can share it in the comments section!

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